Decoration loan knowledge market point!

Choose the appropriate way of loan: in addition to the mortgage, credit, credit card, Jia Zhuang installment can also be used as an option for loan applicants. Each of the three loans has its advantages and disadvantages, and the loan applicant should also make a comprehensive choice according to his own situation. Mortgage loans, as the name suggests, require the loan applicant to take the risk o

Two or three things about borrowing, investing, buying a house

Now a lot of people buying the first suite to buy second sets of third sets, and even some are bought abroad, a lot of people is to buy a house as an investment to do, a lot of people are borrowing housing investment, then the loan investment houses need to pay attention to what issues?
Now everywhere in the real estate, the government has made some restriction policy, so in the purchase of

Internet consumer finance, consumer scene endless

The development of consumer finance has also brought convenience to consumers. With the change of consumption concept, the idea of “spending ahead of time” has been widely accepted. It has become the choice of many people to spend tomorrow’s money to do today.
At present, consumer finance can be said to be a new blue ocean in the Internet financial sector, the theme is incr

What’s the difference between a credit card installment and a small loan model?

The minimum period of bank loans is up to three years.
The amount of credit card installment is mainly the amount of credit granted by the issuing card to the cardholder. Generally speaking, the amount of credit card installment is between several thousand and tens of thousands.
Credit card installment payment, if the cardholder pays within the time specified by the issuing bank, you c

Apart from our ID card, how can we do a small loan?

1, living proof materials, is now in residence for nearly two months of water and electricity invoices, their homes need to provide property permits, housing is rental, the need to provide housing rental contracts;
Can I have a small loan with my ID card only?
Can I have a small loan with my ID card only? The answer is, no!
The first thing to make clear is that if you have only o