Which bank is stronger for consumer loans?

1, with a flexible: the period stipulated in the contract and the amount, with the loan, that is, no longer need to individually for approval;
3, long term: loan period up to 5 years;
Industrial and commercial bank personal consumption loan product characteristics: People’s comprehensive consumption loans have a wide range of consumer use, higher loan amount, longer loan period a

Six major reasons why consumer borrowing has been turned down, you know?

High risk lines are notable for a number of common minefields that greatly affect the eventual success of the loan
If you have a gambling and other bad habit, to apply for consumer loans being rejected is very normal, no matter what loans are not willing to lend to these people, and don’t have no executive lawsuit, who in vain, lenders will give you enough trust.
When applying fo

Installment loan platform loan consumption notice

3, the cost of installments is often directly related to the number of periods, so choose the most appropriate number of periods according to their own circumstances.
5, to see the conditions of early repayment, prior to understand clearly the collection and calculation of fees.
4, remember the monthly repayment date, avoid overdue payment of default or bad credit record.
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What’s the difference between a credit card loan and a consumer loan?

Consumer loans are fixed on a regular basis and credit cards can be repaid in full or by installments or in accordance with the minimum repayment amount. The credit card provides more convenience to cardholders.
Consumer loans do not enjoy interest free period, the applicant needs the loan effective date, each time repayment on time, the cost of loans can not be avoided. The credit card is e