How many years can a car loan last?

1, auto consumption loans
How many years can a car loan last?
This loan application process is relatively simple, as long as the lender good credit, good qualifications, you can apply for a phased purchase. At present, the bank for credit card installment purchase is generally not charged interest. Credit card installment, the loan period is 3 years. Credit card installment installment

About car loan mode and mortgage process of small tip

Major brands currently have their own auto finance company;
(4), signed by the insurance policy, the insurance company issued the policy office staff please, and receive payment and related expenses according to the sales agreement;
For people living in cities, it’s really inconvenient to have no car. Even if you go to work, you can squeeze the subway, crowded bus, but on the wee

Before you buy a car, first understand the three major lending methods!

Comparison of characteristics of common car loan methods
2) loan quota: generally no more than 8 of the purchase price.
2) the loan amount of new mortgage loans generally loan purchase price 8 into.
Also want to remind you, whether it is to handle bank consumer loans / special Car Buying loans or credit card installment purchase business, if it is to find the car dealer to handle

Car loans can be more than a few years

5, not less than the down payment of China’s bank deposit certificate or car dealer issued a car first payment certificate;
1, borrowers and spouses of identity cards, marriage certificates, residence booklet or other valid residence documents and a copy of the original;
Car loans can be more than a few years
Materials needed to prepare for a car loan
3. Purchase agre