Which bank is stronger for consumer loans?

1, with a flexible: the period stipulated in the contract and the amount, with the loan, that is, no longer need to individually for approval;
3, long term: loan period up to 5 years;
Industrial and commercial bank personal consumption loan product characteristics: People’s comprehensive consumption loans have a wide range of consumer use, higher loan amount, longer loan period and so on.
So big, so we choose their own right ~!
2, the guarantee method is diverse, may use pledge, mortgage, mortgage, guarantee, guarantee, guarantee way or credit way.
Industrial Bank personal consumption loan product characteristics:
4, a wide range of uses: to meet the borrower in travel, decoration, fitness, purchase consumer goods and other consumer capital needs.
China Merchants Bank personal consumption loan product characteristics: according to customer demand distribution. The sum of the sum of each loan shall not exceed the amount of the approved loan, and the time limit for each loan shall be the same as the repayment form.
1, the individual comprehensive consumption limit, the credit period up to 10 years. If the amount of the quota is repeatedly used, within the period of the credit, the amount that has been used will be restored after the repayment of the loan.
3, the use of a variety of loans, can be used for study abroad, housing decoration, travel, large consumer durables or other personal or household consumption.
2, guarantee various: accept pledge and mortgage two ways guarantee;
Huaxia Bank personal consumption loan product characteristics:
Now, many banks have launched consumer loans for car purchases, study abroad, decoration and travel. Then, which bank is better for consumer loans?

Six major reasons why consumer borrowing has been turned down, you know?

High risk lines are notable for a number of common minefields that greatly affect the eventual success of the loan
If you have a gambling and other bad habit, to apply for consumer loans being rejected is very normal, no matter what loans are not willing to lend to these people, and don’t have no executive lawsuit, who in vain, lenders will give you enough trust.
When applying for a consumer loan, be sure to remember the above minefield and don’t step on it yourself. Then, who will be refused if you are not being refused a loan application?.
6 negative information
3, the use does not match
Apply for consumer loans but the actual funds for production and management, loan funds for investment in the stock market, involved in private lending, loan approval process to verify the actual use of loan funds is inconsistent, direct refusal.
If on the credit blacklist, especially the old Lai, direct refusal
The general consumer loan application threshold is low, because of the wide use of loan, and the loan is not very high, so many people will choose the loan, but when a lot of applicants for consumer loans, are often denied, then what is the reason for your loan is rejected? Next, let’s talk about consumer loans have been rejected what are the reasons, we should apply for loans, do not touch these minefields Oh!
In any form, for any reason or other, in the course of the loan, false information is found, and once it is discovered by the lending institution, it is refused directly.
1 false information
2 credit blacklist
You do not need to mortgage consumer loans, but credit requirement for you is very high, so there is a need to remember what the repayment of the timely repayment, the protection of personal credit records, usually if you have overdue loans and relatively serious, is certainly not to apply for loans, but some lenders have also allowed then a late two times, after all, the person who does not have, occasionally forget is normal.
5 overdue serious
4 high-risk line

Installment loan platform loan consumption notice

3, the cost of installments is often directly related to the number of periods, so choose the most appropriate number of periods according to their own circumstances.
5, to see the conditions of early repayment, prior to understand clearly the collection and calculation of fees.
4, remember the monthly repayment date, avoid overdue payment of default or bad credit record.
Now a lot of installment borrowing platform for the first time apply for loans are interest free, but the latter also need to charge interest, these are a lot of interest is not low, so that at the time of consumption, must be rational to the consumer, can really improve their quality of life.
1, apply for installment loans, we must clearly see the contract, especially to see loan interest and default clause.
Matters needing attention when applying for installment loans:
2, note that some of the contract services are optional, you can choose according to their own circumstances.
Now many people love when shopping, love consumer installment loans, many consumer shopping mall has its own installment borrowing platform, such as Jingdong Jingdong IOUs, vip.com only 99 flowers, staging and so on are belong to the installment borrowing platform, so when the installment borrowing we need to pay attention to what the problem?
Need to pay attention to the above is to introduce the installment borrowing platform loan consumption, when everyone in the loan application, we must pay attention, although the consumption patterns of various samples, and consumer loan platform are also many, when everyone in the loan application, you must understand, no matter how convenient to consumer installment. There are a number of psychological, or to repay loans after the final stage, not too much, increase their economic pressure.

What’s the difference between a credit card loan and a consumer loan?

Consumer loans are fixed on a regular basis and credit cards can be repaid in full or by installments or in accordance with the minimum repayment amount. The credit card provides more convenience to cardholders.
Consumer loans do not enjoy interest free period, the applicant needs the loan effective date, each time repayment on time, the cost of loans can not be avoided. The credit card is entitled to the longest 50-56 days interest free period, in the interest free period, overdraft consumption is free, as long as the repayment date before the full repayment, you do not have to bear the cost of capital.
Two, the cost is different
Four, repayment methods are different
Credit card consumption is early consumption, and now many people are holding credit cards, and its essence is also a credit product. And compared to traditional consumption loans, in addition to enjoy longer interest free period, scope of application, application, cost differences. Today, borrow some money, Xiao Bian to give you an analysis of the difference between credit card loans and consumer loans.
Three, the application of different convenience
First, the range of use is different
Consumer loan approval process is complex, demanding and longer approval time. Most of the time, consumer loans also require applicants to provide more documentation, and even provide mortgages, guarantees, and so on. Credit card applications are relatively easy. Customers can apply for credit cards through offline banking sites, bank official websites, and WeChat, mobile phone, app and other means. In the process of application, you only need to provide personal data and proof of work, proof of income and other materials, and the approval time is short, the application is more convenient.
General banks or credit institutions consumer loans will be earmarked for special purposes, such as housing loans can only be used for housing, car loans for the purchase of vehicles, decoration loans for housing decoration. Some consumer loans can only be used for certain types of consumption, and so on. But credit cards are more widely used and relatively flexible. A credit card holder can pay by card at any merchant who can swipe the card.