You need to know about mortgage banking

Step 1: submit a loan procedure to the bank and file a loan application;
The third step: after approval, the two sides signed a loan contract, guarantee contract;
Mortgage banking process
The fourth step: housing mortgage registration procedures;
The sixth step: the borrower in accordance with the loan contract agreed on time and full repayment;
In order to get a mortgage loan, you have to prepare the loan procedures. If the procedure is incomplete, even if the house is mortgaged, it will be refused loan. It is learnt that the application for mortgage bank loans, borrowers need to prepare the following procedures:
(3) some banks do not accept credit applications from credit applicants;
Second step: the bank accepts the application, and carries on the investigation, the examination and approval to the loan procedure which the borrower puts forward;
(6) household register, real estate certificate, state-owned land certificate;
(8) the use of loans proved that if the borrower is self-employed or business owner, you need to provide proof of operation, including business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, articles of association and so on. In addition, if you provide the property in the rental, you need to provide a copy of rental contract.
Mortgage banking procedures
Mortgage bank lending rates generally go up at base rates, roughly between 10%-30%.
(2) marriage certificate: married persons provide marriage certificates; unmarried persons provide single certificates; in addition to providing divorce agreements and judgments, the divorced person also needs to provide a single certificate.
(3) work certificate: the work certificate issued by the unit / the labor contract / social security card with the official seal of the unit.
(5) credit requirements: within the past two years, no more than three consecutive overdue or cumulative overdue six times.
In the case of large capital requirements, home mortgage bank lending is certainly the best way to finance. However, before you apply, you can figure out the terms of the loan and see if you are eligible for a loan. Borrowers applying for mortgage bank loans need to meet the following conditions:
(2) housing reform housing property certificate, land certificate;
Mortgage bank loans, as the name suggests, are borrowers who use houses as collateral to apply for loans from banks, which is a crucial step in lending. Almost all banks have launched a mortgage business, the maximum amount of housing assessment value of 70%, the longest period of up to 10 years. Here is the mortgage bank’s specific loan process:
[] to remind the borrower to apply for housing mortgage loan, if we can provide other proof of financial aid, will be conducive to the rapid loan, and the loan amount will be increased, if their qualifications are better, but also get lower loan rates.
Interest on mortgage bank loans
[note] the borrower should pay attention to the conditions of mortgage bank loans:
Home mortgages are the most common form of loan for banks, and mortgage lending rates have a good advantage over private property mortgages. However, the flow of such loans is extremely complex, the loan applicant must meet the basic conditions of housing mortgages, but also for all types of mortgage procedures. It is necessary to understand the latest loan policy to get a mortgage bank loan.
(1) shops without partitions are not mortgaged;
The fifth step: after completing all the procedures, the bank loans;
(1) identification: including my valid ID card, passport, officer’s certificate, soldier’s card and so on.
Age requirements: (2) no longer than 20 years;
(4) part of the bank for housing mortgage age relaxed to no more than 25 years.
(4) collateral requirements: two cards complete, clear property rights, no property disputes, and can be traded;
The seventh step: after settling the loan, apply for the lifting of mortgage procedures.
(4) proof of income: proof of income issued by the unit, the Bank of nearly six months of wage flow.
(3) types of collateral: residential, shops, villas, housing reform housing;
Mortgage banking terms
(1) age requirement: 18-60 years old;
(5) financial proof: vehicle passes, certificates of deposit, stock details, etc..
(7) personal credit report;

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