How many years can a car loan last?

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How many years can a car loan last?
This loan application process is relatively simple, as long as the lender good credit, good qualifications, you can apply for a phased purchase. At present, the bank for credit card installment purchase is generally not charged interest. Credit card installment, the loan period is 3 years. Credit card installment installments for 6, 12, 24 and 36, the first phase is one month. The amount of installments can reach 200 thousand.
Auto finance consumer company loans, loans for a long period of 5 years.
In this way, bank approval is more stringent, generally need to provide proof of property, or need to provide property as collateral, its interest rate is higher, usually the benchmark interest rate, or go up 10%. But it can loan higher, generally can reach 7 of car prices into, and some banks such loans amount to 100~150 million, the loan for a long duration of 5 years. However, some banks require only 3 years of loans, such as construction bank and Minsheng bank.
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Do you know how many years the car loan can be made? If you don’t know, the small collection has collected some related introduction, and then we will have a look at the car loan for a few years.

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