About car loan mode and mortgage process of small tip

Major brands currently have their own auto finance company;
(4), signed by the insurance policy, the insurance company issued the policy office staff please, and receive payment and related expenses according to the sales agreement;
For people living in cities, it’s really inconvenient to have no car. Even if you go to work, you can squeeze the subway, crowded bus, but on the weekend about 32 days to go to the suburbs for a holiday, it is still inconvenient. For car buying demand, the current 90 is the main car buying crowd, then the car loan model what? Car loan mortgage process is what?
Here’s an example of a car loan to you. Let me explain in detail how to apply for a car mortgage. The specific operation process is as follows:
1, credit card loans to buy a car:
(5) after the approval of the bank loans, together with the customer’s own down payment, go to the car dealer for the vehicle registration process;
(6), the Guarantee Corporation retained Car Buying invoice, the original registration of a motor vehicle driving license, a copy of the engine chassis, rubbing. According to the original motor vehicle registration certificate and loan mortgage contract to the vehicle administration for registration of mortgage;
Let’s get to know some of the major models of car loans:
Individual car loan business, banks and commercial banks in all countries have been carried out.
(7) the Guarantee Corporation reserves the invoice, the motor vehicle registration certificate and the copy of the driving license, and the customer information and agreement, the notarization, and the original returned to the customer;
So now I know the car loan model and the process of car loan mortgage process, we can solve it later.
(9) regular repayment of bank loans by clients.
(2) contact the local automobile loan Guarantee Corporation, and provide their own relevant information, which will be checked by the Guarantee corporation;
3, bank personal car loans:
There are currently several banks that support credit card installment payments;
The above three ways, the most used is the bank personal car loans.
2 car finance company auto loan:
How to apply for a car mortgage is probably the biggest headache when many people buy a car. All the way to the garage, for fear of slaughter, not cost-effective; their point of it, complicated procedures, many procedures, and are often confused.
(3) the Guarantee Corporation provides information to the clients, and the archivists fax to the bank for credit investigation and credit check, and confirm the formalities for the mortgage after they have met the requirements;
(8) the client will receive the notarization, the passbook (card), the copy of the policy and the insurance card, the insurance invoice, etc.;
(1) select the car that you like well with the car dealers, and determine the price of the car with the dealer. You can sign a car purchase contract first;

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