Who would be more cost-effective to buy a car and buy a full car? Differential geometry?

Let’s first focus on buying a car with a mortgage. The form of a mortgage car is good for car manufacturers, car dealers and customers three.
For consumers, the mortgage car buying also has some benefits:
In general, mortgage to buy a car in this way compared and a car, there are many significant advantages, there are also some small shortcomings, we choose according to their actual situation, more and more analysis to see in the car before, do not blindly.
Then, the mortgage car to some extent against inflation. Now our country has been growing inflation, and now 100 and 100 of the purchasing power is completely different. Money in constant depreciation, the first cash into a lower rate of depreciation of the car, can maximize the value of money.
Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Although the mortgage has many advantages, its disadvantages are unavoidable.
For most people, the biggest drawback is that the mortgage will increase the cost. The fees required for the mortgage and the interest charges generated are a small sum for the average family.
With the development of economy, everyone’s economic situation is getting better and better, more and more people choose to buy cars, in the purchase of automobiles, there are two kinds of direct cars and loans, mortgage vehicles. Well, what are the differences between the two ways, and what are the characteristics of each, the following Xiaobian together with you to see a mortgage and a full car to buy a car?.
For dealers, the mortgage car purchase can not only increase sales to increase profits, there will be some other special income. Generally speaking, customers in the mortgage when buying a car, not only to pay the bank interest, but also to the dealer a commission, although the fee is not much, but also allows dealers to savor the sweetness.
For these two different ways to buy a car, the whole car to buy a very good understanding, as literal meaning, that is, a one-time to Qi all car models, direct transfer car. Another mortgage to buy a car is through the car finance companies, banks and other institutions to apply for loans to buy a car, through the mortgage approach, down payment, the rest of the monthly repayment, ahead of the right to use the car.
If you do your own business, it should be a mortgage, after all, business, only cash flow up to earn more money, the mortgage saves money in your hands, earn more than 4% of that interest. Therefore, the mortgage can do the mortgage.
There is mortgage cumbersome procedures, all these directly put the car to leave, but also the need for a series of mortgage procedures, both to the bank audit contract, but wait for the loan, for those busy people, these procedures are very vexing.
Finally, compared to the full amount of the mortgage, save money, through financial management to make money. Many low risk funds in financial institutions now earn more than the banks. As long as they manage money, the money saved can earn more than the interest on the loan.
Generally speaking, if you are working, usually busy with work, earn money is not too much, usually not how money, basically is put in the bank, it is best to choose a Car Buying, this can save time, can also save some interest.
First of all, to enjoy ahead of time. Whether you buy a car for the first time or two for a transfer, you don’t need to save enough to buy it when you buy it by mortgage. As long as you have a down payment, you can have a new car right away.
The above is the small sum of the sum of the car and mortgage to buy a car difference, I hope all of you help.
Finally, the vehicles in the transfer of mortgage will be very troublesome, if you want to change, but the mortgage loan is not repaid, first you have to clear off the loan, then not only delay the transfer time, but also losses before fees and interest.
For car manufacturers, the form of a mortgage car can effectively increase potential customers. Many people are unable to come up with a large number of one-time money to buy a car, the mortgage in this form, it will make a lot of people who are confident of their future income in advance of consumption, buy a car, so it can significantly enhance the car sales. Therefore, many manufacturers will cooperate with different banks, or set up their own financial companies. By providing cheap low down payment and other preferential terms and conditions and let the mortgage procedures more simple, convenient and fast for the mortgage and other ways to attract more people to increase sales Car Buying mortgage.

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