Car loans can be more than a few years

5, not less than the down payment of China’s bank deposit certificate or car dealer issued a car first payment certificate;
1, borrowers and spouses of identity cards, marriage certificates, residence booklet or other valid residence documents and a copy of the original;
Car loans can be more than a few years
Materials needed to prepare for a car loan
3. Purchase agreement or contract signed with the dealer designated by the lender;
2 evidence of the borrower’s occupation and income issued by a department or unit authorized by the lender, or any other income or property certificate that the borrower is willing and able to provide to prove his ability to pay;
Typically, most car buyers choose between two and three years of loan terms. This is also based on the value of the car purchased by the car buyer and his monthly repayment ability.
Friends who want to buy a car, do you know how much a car loan can take a few years? If you don’t know, then follow the small series together to see how many car loans can be made for a few years.
Automobile installment loan belongs to consumption loan. Under normal circumstances, the number of years of consumer loans is not more than five years. Of course, there are special circumstances, you can apply for ten years of loan maturity. Car loans will take no longer than five years.
6. Other documents and materials required by the lender.
Later is a small series for you to introduce more car loans can be loans for several years of specific content, and now we should know it, I hope the small answer can help everyone.
4, the vehicle collateral, should be issued by the guarantor agreed to guarantee the written documents and the relevant credit documents, if necessary, the guarantor should provide a certain percentage of the deposit;

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