Single, how do you borrow a car?

As we all know, in the loan to buy a house, in many cases need to be submitted to both husband and wife to prove that buying a car is the same? What’s the procedure for a single loan car?
3, to the bank outlets to apply for loans;
5, banks have the right to investigate the creditworthiness of borrowers and the guarantor in accepting the loan application, does not meet the conditions of the loan, the bank informed the borrowers in the loan applications received after fifteen working days; to meet the conditions of the loan, the bank will raise the loan amount, interest rate, time limit and other specific comments, in a timely manner notify the borrower loan security procedures, signed the “auto loan contract”.
1, customers to the bank business outlets for advice, the network for the user has recommended and signed the “auto consumption loan cooperation agreement” special dealers;
6, the borrower in the bank designated insurance companies to do mortgage insurance, and in the policy clearly, the first beneficiary of Construction Bank, the insurance period may not be shorter than the loan period.
9, the borrower purchased the car as collateral, and its insurance policy, purchase invoices and other documents during the loan by the Construction Bank custody. During the term of the contract, the bank has the right to supervise the borrower’s income status and collateral status, supervise the credibility and compensation capacity of the borrower, and provide assistance to the borrower and the guarantor.
2, the dealer selected the proposed purchase of cars, and dealers signed a purchase contract or agreement;
4, the borrower shall be fully responsible for the authenticity and legality of the materials provided.
Whether or not to buy a car and buy a car does not really matter. The general loan process is as follows:
In 8, the dealer received the “auto loan notice” and the receipt of payment, the borrower to apply for the payment of assistance and licensing procedures of relevant departments, and will Car Buying invoices, various payment certificate original and copy of driving license transferred directly to the construction bank.
7, the bank issued to the dealer “auto consumption loans notice”, the borrower will purchase the first payment to the dealer.

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