What are the requirements for car loan?

1) a car buyer must be 18 years old and a Chinese citizen with full civil capacity.
Do you know what the car loan requirements are? If you don’t know, then follow the small package to see what the car loan requirements.
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(2) a car buyer must have a more stable career and a relatively stable income or have an easy to liquidate asset, so that the principal and interest can be repaid on time. The assets that are easy to liquidate here generally refer to securities and bullion.
In the choice of loan Car Buying, we must first understand the various types of loan conditions required and must provide documents to determine their choice of what kind of way; at the same time, in the agreement, each of the specific provisions to carefully review the agreement, even if the 4S shop format without providing the same, must also be easy a written agreement matters caused by the dispute in the agreement of “other matters” such as loans or approved and deposit is returned, not because of sales personnel oral commitments of negligence, to avoid disputes after passing each other, causing unnecessary losses.
Therefore, the borrower in the application for car loans, money should determine whether or not they have the ability to repay, or not only can not successfully apply for car loans, but also waste their time.
Income certification is an important factor in determining the approval of car loans. Under normal circumstances, the applicant’s income should be more than two times the monthly amount. Otherwise, the bank will not make any loans. If the car purchased by the car has a designated bank, it can also be through the car dealer to loan, the formalities will be relatively simple.
(4) providing bank approved guarantees to the bank. If the individual account of the buyer is not in the country, it shall also provide joint and several liability to ensure that the bank does not accept the mortgage set by the car purchased by the buyer.
(5) the purchaser is willing to accept other conditions which the bank deems necessary.
(3) during the period of applying for a loan, the car buyer has no less than the first phase of the car purchase in the bank account of the bank.

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