Car loan assets will become P2P mainstream asset business

Four, risk control
The automobile is one of the most common and important consumer goods in modern society. As in real estate, it is widely recognized as a kind of financial asset and is a popular collateral. Compared with the real estate, the car also has the characteristics of strong liquidity and low transaction costs. Therefore, since the P2P net loan came out in China, the car loan project has been one of the important asset sources, and has gradually become the mainstream asset of P2P lending industry.
Platform before borrowing, will strictly examine the vehicle’s driving license and relevant documents and information, to ensure that the vehicle sources, channels formal.
Because there is a vehicle as a guarantee, while introducing large data risk control system, the amount of borrowing is generally lower than the vehicle evaluation price, car loan project is often regarded as one of the areas of high quality security assets.
Why, after the introduction of regulatory policies, car loan projects in particular by the platform and investors favor? The reason is that it has many advantages, such as high liquidity, clear property rights, convenient and quick, controllable risks, and so on.
Three, convenient and quick
Relative to mortgages and other fixed asset mortgages, car loans have a certain liquidity advantages. At present, the car market has spread all over the country, second-hand car evaluation institutions mature, easy transfer of vehicles.
Overall, the car loan platform has its unique advantages, that is, the car’s strong pledge and liquidity.
Vehicle loan approval procedures than the real estate and other fixed assets simple, short cycle, flexible investment, and if the borrower repayment overdue, the processing of vehicles more quickly.
Two, clear property rights
First, liquidity is strong

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