What’s the difference between a credit card loan and a consumer loan?

Consumer loans are fixed on a regular basis and credit cards can be repaid in full or by installments or in accordance with the minimum repayment amount. The credit card provides more convenience to cardholders.
Consumer loans do not enjoy interest free period, the applicant needs the loan effective date, each time repayment on time, the cost of loans can not be avoided. The credit card is entitled to the longest 50-56 days interest free period, in the interest free period, overdraft consumption is free, as long as the repayment date before the full repayment, you do not have to bear the cost of capital.
Two, the cost is different
Four, repayment methods are different
Credit card consumption is early consumption, and now many people are holding credit cards, and its essence is also a credit product. And compared to traditional consumption loans, in addition to enjoy longer interest free period, scope of application, application, cost differences. Today, borrow some money, Xiao Bian to give you an analysis of the difference between credit card loans and consumer loans.
Three, the application of different convenience
First, the range of use is different
Consumer loan approval process is complex, demanding and longer approval time. Most of the time, consumer loans also require applicants to provide more documentation, and even provide mortgages, guarantees, and so on. Credit card applications are relatively easy. Customers can apply for credit cards through offline banking sites, bank official websites, and WeChat, mobile phone, app and other means. In the process of application, you only need to provide personal data and proof of work, proof of income and other materials, and the approval time is short, the application is more convenient.
General banks or credit institutions consumer loans will be earmarked for special purposes, such as housing loans can only be used for housing, car loans for the purchase of vehicles, decoration loans for housing decoration. Some consumer loans can only be used for certain types of consumption, and so on. But credit cards are more widely used and relatively flexible. A credit card holder can pay by card at any merchant who can swipe the card.

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