Can a mortgage car mortgage?

(2) after receiving the application, the bank will contact the customer service staff, and then submit information to the applicant, the bank approval, you can wait for the loan.
(1) bank unsecured personal loans, unsecured small loans, we need to have Chinese nationality (excluding Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, three residents);
(3) the address is 6 months, and must work for half a year.
If you want to use the personal mortgage in the car for the car can choose to repay mortgages, car mortgage loans, in the vehicle off the car after the mortgage registration, you can prepare auto loan information required for the local loan mortgage company for automobile.
And the car in the mortgage itself is still in mortgage. The car that has been mortgaged cannot be mortgaged, so the car in the mortgage can not be used for the mortgage.
If the borrower does not require a small amount of money, and has a stable job and income, and has a good credit record, you may consider applying for a personal unsecured loan. So, how do you get unsecured loans?
1, the first step in handling unsecured bank loans:
As soon as you have all the materials available, you can reach the bank within 1 days.
It is understood that the mortgage in the car can not mortgage. The mortgage can be used for the car, the requirement is the whole car, if the car for the mortgage loan to buy the car, but also requires the car has been repaid all the mortgage loans, you can apply for car mortgage.
(1) applicants fill out their contact information on the Internet and send relevant materials to the lending institutions in the form of mail or fax;
A car loan is a loan issued by a lender to a borrower who applies for the purchase of a car, also known as a car mortgage. The borrower must be the permanent resident of the bank where the bank is located and has full civil capacity. Then, can the mortgage car mortgage?
(2) for collateral insurance and mortgage registration, at the same time you must be 25-55 years of age in this range;
At the same time, the most important thing is that the credit card repayment record is good. If you are an office worker, you should work for at least 6 months.
2, for unsecured bank loans second steps:

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