Car loan to the rising star, you know?

On line: 2015, 03, 12
2., followed by compliance requirements, 58 car loan platform signed bank depository
1. information transparency
Today Xiaobian to give you a detailed description of the 58 car loan platform.
According to spark wallet data statistics, Hunan to receive 8 strong platform, the car loan platform is the first 58 car loans. 58 car loans focused on car pledge, since the on-line, the platform in line with the purpose of security and transparency to serve every user. The platform will be more transparent to the extreme, the maximum degree of openness of borrower information without disclosing the privacy, everything will be displayed in front of the public, illegal fraud and secret operations will be nowhere to hide.
June, the automotive finance field platform micro credit network gains the largest 1 billion yuan financing, P2P car loan market is increasingly valued by the capital. At the same time, with the group loan network, Hongling venture net loan industry giants in-depth layout, the car loan industry turnover continued to rise, popularity index continued to rise.
Bank custody: May 17, 2017, the 58 car loan and Shangrao bank formally signed the bank depository agreement, the current bank depository internal testing has not yet formally launched.
At the end of February this year, the “network lending funds depository business guidelines” issued, the safety of funds become the focus of the net loan industry, in fact, from August last year, in the “Interim Measures” business management information network lending agency issued, 58 car loans have been actively with other depository bank business expansion for docking, after a series of assessment and screening, the final choice of 58 car loan agreements with the Bank of Shangrao, when the Bank of Shangrao will provide payment, reconciliation and other funds depository services for the 58 car loan users, set up an independent bank account for the borrower and the lender, effectively isolating the user funds and funds platform to further protect the safety of users of funds. For the net loan industry, compulsory letter Phi may have a certain “labor pains” on the platform, but as long as the down-to-earth, steady development, get through the barrier, compliance operations platform will be able to usher in the spring of development”.
According to incomplete statistics, as of April 12, 2017, a total of 308 P2P net loan platform and the bank signed a depository agreement, accounting for P2P net loan industry platform for the normal operation of the total 13.5%, of which 171 platform to complete the docking system and on-line depository, P2P net loan industry accounted for 7.5% of the total normal operating platform, the current net loan the normal operation of the platform, there are still nearly 90% of the platform has not been signed with the bank deposit agreement directly.
Amount to be paid: 120 million yuan
The 58 car loan chairman Xing Sen early in the Changsha small loan company, after the car loan as an independent business, has accumulated more than 7 years experience in control of the wind, the 58 car loan net lending platform in Hunan province earlier focus on car loan business.
1.58 car loan
58 car loans as a net loan in Hunan region’s “rising star”, why can stand out?
Hunan currently operates 40 platforms. According to statistics, in June P2P car loan industry top 50 platforms, ranking first in Hunan is 58 car loan.

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