Where is the future development of car loan?

Risk control has become the core competitiveness of car loan platform
Second, the auto finance market itself has great imagination. On the one hand, according to the “China Internet automobile finance annual development report 2016” shows that in 2012, the domestic auto finance market scale reached 392 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of more than 30%. In 2014, the auto finance market scale officially exceeded 700 billion yuan, and the compound growth rate was over 33.6%. In addition, the second-hand car market also showed unprecedented activity, third party data show that in the first half of 2016, China’s used car market overall trading scale of 4 million 774 thousand and 300 units, an increase of 3.6% over the same period in 15. On the other hand, according to the relevant industry research data show that the country has a number of 31 city cars more than 1 million, the number of eight city of Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou and other vehicles more than 2 million vehicles, of which only Beijing has more than 5 million vehicles. Experts predict that by 2020, the national car ownership in 220 million vehicles, a total of 350 million families, each of the one hundred households, sixty households with sixty households in the car, acceptable car loan financing accounted for 5%, conversion rate from this point of view, the car loan market prospect is very considerable. In addition, analysts of the development in the field of car loan also holds a positive attitude, and said: “in the current industry environment, it is increasingly strong market demand oriented or clear regulatory policy, all of which indicated that the domestic car loan field has a huge space for development.”
July 2017 car loan platform total turnover of 19 billion 526 million yuan
First of all, the national policy of small business affirmation, to some extent, can guide the P2P industry to continue to tap the field of car loans, and promote the development of the car loan industry. On the one hand, net loan regulations limit order “issued or cause the current large scale platform focused on transformation, fit the height and limit the provisions of small business has become the most popular business in this round of restructuring boom. On the other hand, as investors are most concerned about the P2P compliance and development group, “the actual behavior of investment quota order issued will affect the part of investors, so the business adjustment during the large scale platform, inevitably churn, and this part of the exodus from large scale platform users are the most may be more in line with the small business platform to limit requirements.
In the past year, P2P net loan business in the “blowout type development, along with the contention of a hundred schools of thought” floor industry regulation, some similar loans Shoufu high leverage business was forced to stop in some areas of supervision, the campus loan is limited, such as mortgage and other large businesses are also facing the rectification pressure, with small dispersion of the flagship P2P car loan business is to usher in a new development opportunity, continue to maintain the growth trend of car loan.
From the relevant data, as of June 2017, about 5909 of the country’s normal operation of the Internet financial platform, investors only 4 million 300 thousand. Demand, coupled with the development of Internet financial industry entered a critical period, grab the user is to grab the future has become the industry consensus, especially young investors (80, 90), a group of people that they basically grew up in the Internet era, consumption and investment in the financial management concept is also different with the older generation, they are more pay attention to sensory experience and mind identity, to accept a higher degree of Internet financial innovation means, how to use this group to occupy the mainstream of public opinion by the Internet, has a young mind population has become a mainstream investment priority among priorities of development loan platform car. In addition, with the auto finance company established continuously, car loan competition, will also enter the “content is king” era, given the car loan more meaning, now the loan platform in the asset side of innovation, in the control of wind to meet more strict constraints of the borrower; constantly optimize the product design in the end funds, providing diversity differentiated products to meet the financial needs of investors; the optimum combination and loan products, service level upgrade, will become a tool to end consumer market promotion, thus affecting its competitiveness in the field of car loan.
Scale effect is the foundation of car loan development
Both national policy support, and there is such a huge space for development, the future development of the car loan in the road? What are the car loan platform needs to focus on control and attention?

Lending platform for P2P vehicle, scale and sustainable development platform will not only rely on to achieve in the vehicle mortgage financing business single, around the car, second-hand car, car market after the financial layout, scale effect, also will become the development trend of new auto finance. At present, the car loan market business concentration is high, the car loan market share higher platform is the P2P net loan platform for the establishment of a long time, the platform not only has the first mover advantage, and is a mature platform and accumulated operating experience, such as the 58 car loan platform, in March 12, 2015 officially launched operations, the momentum of development is meng. In the P2P net loan industry out of stock, investors and borrowers were more likely to choose the familiar platform, so the market share of the net loan platform with a higher rate of reputation will continue to attract more participants, effects of concentration will be further enhanced.
58 car loans is a car loan business specializing in P2P net lending platform, when it comes to the risk of car credit considerations and control is very right to speak. Liu said: 58 car loan control operation process 58 car loan risk are standardized and complete online, as a result, high efficiency, after the completion of the previous step can be automatically transferred to the next step without the tedious work transition between various departments; secondly, the query, each step of the operation, which is the operation of people, what is action, can query; three is transparent, as can be found, so we can monitor each other to reduce moral hazard. In addition, the 58 car loans will be integrated to collect customers, including their friends, parents, water and other dimensions of information, comprehensive consideration.
Car loan business generally has its standardized process, business, application, customer management, reserve files are independent operations. Business end personnel platform only entry of customer information, and then submitted to the client application, the integrity of customer service is mainly to see the data, only data integrity to enter the approval process, the approval process is not allowed to enter the business personnel and other personnel, is completely in a closed state line approval. Credit management is also a very important part.
Innovation is the road to the development of car loan platform
Experts predict that in 2020 more than our car loan industry scale up to 1 trillion and 200 billion, the car loan market has great potential, as long as the P2P car loan platform to grasp the rhythm of development, continue to force, in the near future, will become the leading Internet financial industry.

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