5 minutes to understand the full car purchase and mortgage loans, the pros and cons of buying a car

In the car loan has not yet paid off, dealers will generally force consumers to buy relevant insurance, so consumers should pay attention to insurance items, insurance costs and insurance amount! In addition, interest free car loan is becoming dealers to attract customers, consumers in the choice of car loan interest must be on the fee to do detailed understanding and thinking, after all, in the long run, the relevant financial institutions rarely have fees, so some unwarranted fee is secretly the dealer, little attention it may be expensive in the contract fee to. Have to buy a car is right, but in order to prevent the loan is not audited by other abnormal situations, consumers need to unsubscribe ahead of the signing of agreement with the dealer, in which the top return amount, time and manner, to ensure that their interests are not lost!
The benefits of a full car are trouble free and hassle free, and for those lower priced models, consumers will end up paying a lot of extra interest or service fees, regardless of the type of loan they use. Compared with the original is not very high prices, additional costs generated by the loans will undoubtedly make the cost increase and reduce the cost Car Buying, economic foundation Car Buying was damaged easily.
In contrast, car enterprises supporting financial companies will provide mortgage services to consumers in the car Car Buying when, in a 30% down payment, we can choose to use the way for the month in 2 years (in general) to settle. Usually the interest rate this way and not much difference between the threshold of bank loans, and procedures to apply for bank loans than many simple, disadvantage is that manufacturers will charge some formalities of service fees, the total cost of the final accounting down will be higher than bank loans.
It should be noted that if you want to return the funds in advance, these fees will still be admitted, which is different from the bank loans. The recent rise in the Internet car loan threshold, audit loan speed is faster, this convenient service at a short cycle and higher interest rates at the expense of the future of the rise of car electricity providers or will drive this emerging car loan model!
Mortgage loans in many forms, the rapid approval of emerging financial services, high interest rates
The pressure of life today grow with each passing day a lot of people are not a way to Car Buying full payment of the full amount Car Buying become a burden in the eyes of the people, hand to get the car people naturally become the “nouveau riche”, but this is not the truth.
The rich form of car loans, so that more and more people began to try the loan installments purchase a car, in the loan to buy a car after the psychological preparation, there are still a few points to note. The biggest problem is that the loan fees and interest charges, before buying a car must be clear repayment matching principal, matching interest or otherwise, in accordance with the contract and after sales staff personally count each issue of fees or interest, the total cost of the car loan finally calculated, it will combine the cost and the whole car and myself the economic situation and. In order to avoid their own down payment cheap, but eventually fell in the late end of the money is not cheap!
Credit card installment car is one of the most prominent features in the form of loans without collateral, without the need for various types of procedures and the “motor vehicle registration certificate” is not financial institutions, mortgage, car can carry out various transactions at any time. Credit card installment is the most attractive place “interest free”, however it will charge some fees, basically each big bank credit card repayment period of more than 6 after the rate will be higher than the benchmark interest rate loans, unless when Car Buying car companies and banks have preferential activities, otherwise the final total cost will be higher than bank loans form.

For a count of the total cost of 300 thousand of the purchase tax on cars, bank loans, 30% down payment, in accordance with the 24 tranche of loans to bank loans generally takes 300000*30% [+9189] [Shoufu for] *24=310536 yuan, car loan financial institutions often use 5050 variant (Shoufu +. Retainage +), installment interest payment scheme in a company under the low total cost of 88770 [+2613] [Shoufu for] *36+129658 [=312496] retainage yuan. Credit card loans generally are required to pay a lot of monthly fee, total cost of [300000*30% +] Shoufu (962.4 [5.5%] fee +17500) [for] *12=311550 yuan, the monthly repayment of 18462.5 yuan, credit loan installments, the longer the truck for the month is less, but the total fee will double!
The whole Car Buying easier to understand, after enjoying preferential pay after the car is much, with the new provisions of the Ministry of Commerce issued all car sales, car sales and other services bundled and withheld certificates of “tainted” behavior have been banned, so the whole Car Buying in profit and loss will be more transparent. However, the development of the financial industry to make the car loan business is booming, in order to stimulate consumption and guide consumers consumption, all kinds of “zero Shoufu, zero interest car loan activities emerge in the eyes of consumers, but each specific car loan details have its uniqueness, the fixed interest rate loans and service charge, supporting financial services, complex audit repayment processes need extra attention, because there is no free lunch, in the face of the whole Car Buying mortgage loans and two options, there is no absolute merits, goods than three, is the most authentic It differs from man to man. considering it!
A very high Car Buying not recommended the use of cars the full amount of the purchase, because the whole scene Car Buying can enjoy manufacturers of all types of promotions, prices will be reduced on the basis of the original. Another advantage is that after the full car is purchased, we immediately have ownership of the car, and when we do not like it or want to change it, we can sell it immediately without hindrance.
The whole car is not rich self willed, the cheaper the car, the more suitable
At present Car Buying in the form of loans with luxuriant foliage, people are more familiar with the bank loans, to obtain loans from banks, real estate will need to work to prove general conditions, higher requirements for the lender qualification, and loan business process more trouble. Its advantage is that its business model is not too limited, car loan interest rates to the central bank benchmark interest rate as a standard, generally below 5% lower level.
Car loans increasingly popular, loans before these points must pay attention to
Now, when we hear a friend buy a car, he will ask himself: “the whole money or the loan?” Indeed, the whole car and mortgage loan to buy a car has become the two most important consumption patterns of a car, a car in front of people will be in the minds of some, what kind of payment the most money, what kind of way and the most suitable for yourself? Today we’ll figure out the pros and cons of the two!

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