Loans to buy a car, you earned it? Still lost?

Dealer interest free loans, manufacturers discount amount is at 9000 yuan, that is, manufacturers publicity consumers enjoy this interest free loans, equal to earn 9000 yuan interest. If the matching principal repayment, the loan interest rate to exceed 9%, will meet the interest of 9000 yuan, 9% of the loan interest rates for consumer loans, is not too high, but for consumers, if you choose to buy a car loan, the money saved is not likely to lend money, in fact, discount amount manufacturer of propaganda for consumers is not practical.
3750* (4.5%/12) *24+3750* (4.5%/12) *23+…… +3750* (4.5%/12) *1, this is an arithmetic sequence.
We only use a model of 90 thousand yuan, 2 years interest free loans, for example, to make an analysis, 90 thousand yuan, 2 years interest free loans, that is, the monthly supply is 3750 yuan, while the loan fee is about 4000 yuan.
Probably explain the meaning of the calculation, 90 thousand yuan a month for 24 months to pay off, is also 3750 yuan per month, because every month to repay the money, then the first 3750 is equivalent to only enjoy 1 months of benefit, and so on, the last month of 3750 yuan to enjoy the equivalent of 24 months of gains, while the annualized return is 4.5%, and 4.5%/12 is the monthly rate of return.
So, if you choose to borrow 90 thousand interest free 2 years to buy a car, how much money can you save for us?
So, if car loans increased fees and other additional costs in less than 4000 yuan, then choose the loan to buy a car or more money, of course, even a little more than 4000 yuan fee, the key can also consider the loan to buy a car, because after all, 90 thousand yuan is also saved in their own hands, rather than in charge of the car, in case of an emergency, can also use the.
Pie today to give you a talk on this topic, we carefully sort out what the “99”.
In other words, if we use 90 thousand yuan to invest in more prudent financial products, then 24 months can actually get more than 4000 yuan of income.
The final income is 4218.75 yuan.
For different cars and different loans, you can set the formula into the pie before in contrast, the final analysis is the loan to buy a car, or a car.
Although many models have an interest free loan service, but the actual situation is free not free, although 2 years, 3 years of the loan period without interest, but there are a lot of loan fees, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands more, vary by car, so this “into a” actually, the loan to buy a car, we are earned or lost?
We assume that the 90 thousand yuan for the province to do under the financial management, every month to come up with 3750 yuan to the car from the loan, the expected annual yield of 4.5% (currently yield financial), then after 24 months, we can get the total benefit:

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