In Yung bank synchronous force small and micro enterprise loans

In addition, China Merchants Bank also recently launched a new version of Small and micro businesses loans, Small and micro businesses can also master with collateral for credit loans, the mortgage loan percentage up to 90% after the expiration of the loan, the bank will automatically renew loans, enterprises need to raise funds before the maturity of the loan “.
Recently, CCB launched the “small micro fast loan” business, the company’s financial assets in the bank, credit status, tax situation and other data information integration analysis, automatically generate the loan amount. The business can be handled online, free mortgage, free guarantee, including the “fast e loan”, the maximum amount of 2 million yuan. In addition, if Small and micro businesses as well as the main mortgage, can also be the stock of mortgage mortgage again, for a maximum amount of $5 million for the financial e loan; hold government bonds, financial products and other assets, can also direct online pledge for loans, the maximum amount of 5 million yuan. It is understood that “small micro fast loan” as fast as personal loans, flexible in the 1 year loan period with the loan, but also with one day counting the interest of the day.
At present, the bank loans in Fuzhou synchronous force Small and micro businesses, Small and micro businesses with their own credit status and the flow of funds, the bank is expected to get the highest 2 million yuan automatic credit, and enterprises within the credit limit can also be like personal loans borrowed.

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