Dried food! How much do you know about business loans?

2, the implementation of independent economic accounting, independent management, responsible for profits and losses, that is, enterprises have independent production, commodity circulation and other business activities;
In addition to the above down to the conditions, there will be other requirements of the institutions, such as the need for personal assets and liabilities rate is lower. In the bank loans, to some extent, is still difficult, enterprises can from a variety of channels or loans to consider.
Application conditions for enterprise loans
Types of business loans
3, independent operating funds, independent financial planning and accounting statements, rely on their own income to compensate for expenditure, independently plan the profit and loss, and independently signed an external purchase and sale contract;
At present, business loans can be divided into units of deposit loans, fixed assets loans, syndicated loans, commercial acceptance bills, loans, stock pledge loans, foreign exchange loans, bank acceptances, credit loans, liquidity loans, bank acceptances discount, the buyer or agreement interest loans, bills discounting, gold recourse factoring, export tax rebate trust loan account.
Regardless of the size of enterprises, fear of problems, I am afraid that the shortage of funds or cash flow problems. As long as the funds can be turned over, the talent and the direction of R & D products can be solved well. But once the shortage of funds, not only funding problems, and even lead to a series of enterprise problems. The enterprise funds problems will be Shen loan financing. What are the types of business loans and what are the conditions?
4, have certain own funds. In addition, there are loans to enterprises in the bank to open basic accounts and general deposit accounts, products have markets, production and operation to be effective, not misappropriation, misappropriation of credit funds, abide by the credit, etc., a total of more than 10 items.
1, need to be approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce establishment, registration, and holds a business license;

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