How do small businesses make loans?

Now the small business loans can have a lot of choice, because in addition to the selection of bank loans, there are a lot of folk organizations can loan, although the loan institutions are different, but the specific process is roughly the same. The first is the application of a loan to the lending institution. When the loan application is made, the information referred to above is handed over to the lending institution. Then sign and submit the loan contract and the guarantee contract. The business is awaiting the approval of the lending institution, and you can sign the loan contract if the loan agency agrees to approve it. After the loan contract has been signed, the guarantee shall be carried out, the guaranty contract shall be improved, and the guarantee matters shall be handled. The guarantor carries out the guaranty of the third party, mortgage, and carries out the relevant formalities. After this series of contracts and materials have been completed, you can wait for the loan institutions mortgage.
First, if the loans for small businesses, is to prepare some materials such as important documents, the legal representative of the identity card, home address, business license, business office space lease contract or certificate of real estate property, special operating permit. Loan this matter and personal and company’s credit is closely linked, the good credit company or individual, the loan amount will be relatively high, the flow is relatively simple, loan time may be extended. If the credit is tainted individual, the loan amount will be relatively low, the process is relatively complex, the loan time will be relatively low pressure. When lending, we should also provide the latest three months of public water flow, as well as reflect the personal banking flow of enterprises, mainly to look at the operating conditions and credit status of enterprises. There are also some identification documents such as the guarantor’s identification.
Enterprise loans are mainly used for fixed assets purchase and construction, technical transformation and other large long-term investment. What about small business loans?

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