Customized services for small and micro enterprises — banks and the government hand in hand cooperation

“Financing difficulties”, “financing expensive”, “financing slow”, has been restricting the development of small and micro enterprises, but also the whole economic development of the pain point.
07 month 10 days, every picking season, because of funding problems to expand the scale of production, I am anxious restless.” Remember a few years ago, the credit floundered dilemma, Anhui Baiyun Spring Tea Development Co., Ltd. chairman Zhao did Tamaki “later, China still have mixed feelings, the postal savings bank has brought hope for us. A loan of 3 million yuan, from the credit door to investigate, to loan, only spent more than 1 weeks.”
For small and micro enterprises “lack of information”, “lack of credibility”, the lack of effective collateral, collateral and high risk situation, the postal savings bank set up a political and silver cooperation platform, leveraging financial funds to fund bank funds.
It is understood that, as of the end of 2016, the postal savings bank small and micro enterprise loans reached 733 billion 600 million yuan, accounting for 26% of the total loan balance.
“The banks do not just stare at the bank, the bank must rise to economic restructuring and development of the national strategy, national service service level, to establish a national identity, and constantly improve the service of the real economy especially Small and micro businesses.” Postal savings bank governor Lv Jiajin said.
Banks work hand in hand with the government
“In order to solve the problem Small and micro businesses loans, over the years, the postal savings bank to actively practice of Inclusive Finance, efforts to build a multi-level, wide coverage Small and micro businesses financial service system, to enhance the service of the real economy and the ability of quality and efficiency, and achieved positive results.” Postal savings bank chairman Li Guohua said.
At the branch level, the postal savings bank has 28 branches and the local Ministry signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and will serve small and micro finance as an important part of the cooperation between the two sides; a 15 branch and the local tax department signed a cooperation agreement, “silver tax interaction” to support the development of Small and micro businesses.
At present, the postal savings bank and the Ministry of the Shanghai stock exchange, Zhongguancun CMC signed a total of the total strategic cooperation agreement, and carried out a number of services Small and micro businesses working in the Ministry of science and technology and the State Administration of industry and commerce under the support of efforts to build small and micro financial services cooperation platform.

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