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Enterprise loans are mainly used for fixed assets purchase and construction, technical transformation and other large long-term investment. So, how do businesses make loans?
First, take the initiative to negotiate with banks. As we all know, avoidance is not the solution to the problem. Many loan applicants are at a loss when they don’t get a loan. In fact, this situation should be solved immediately with the loan agencies, whether it is to extend the loan period or reduce the amount of each repayment, is a good solution.
Most of the temporary loan products, the loan period will not be too long, has never been more than a year. The application for temporary loan repayment will not exceed three months. But for companies that need to repay the bank loans, it can solve the urgent problems.
Enterprise bank loan is not up, how to do?
First of all, do the preparatory work before the loan, ready to complete information, including: corporate identity certificate of the legal representative, the enterprise account permits, business credit card, business license, organization code, tax registration certificate, the company’s financial statements and business bank water proof.
Secondly, to choose whether to provide collateral according to enterprise qualification, if the enterprise’s anti risk ability is weak, then the bank in order to control the risk of loans, will require companies to provide collateral acceptable to loans, so banks can lend money to the enterprise at ease.
Finally, we should actively cooperate with banks to do a good job in loan review. The bank will according to the enterprise information provided to see whether it is true and valid, and according to the quality of enterprises to measure the degree of risk, the enterprise must actively cooperate with the bank survey, so as to successfully obtain loans.
Second, apply for a temporary loan to a small loan company. At present, the loan applicants will first apply for loans to banks, small loan companies smaller customer groups, and the quality is not high. In order to expand their business, many small loan companies have introduced temporary loan products.

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