What are the conditions of loan and unsecured loan for Beijing enterprises?

2., enterprises in all commercial banks in good standing, there is no bad credit record
3. having the business license approved and registered by the administrative department for Industry and commerce, and has passed the annual inspection, and shall hold a credit card issued by the people’s Bank and made regular annual inspection;
Enterprises apply for unsecured loans, need to meet the following requirements:
4., the necessary organizational structure, operation and management system and financial management system, there are fixed basis and operating place, lawful operation, products have markets and benefits;
10. opening a basic settlement account or a general settlement account at the application bank.
6., business operators or actual controllers have more than 3 years of experience, good quality, no bad personal credit record;
The conditions for applying for business loans from Beijing are:
2, enterprises in the past half year billing revenue of more than one million and five hundred thousand yuan;
1, enterprises need to continue to operate for more than 3 years;
3, to provide two years of annual reports and the latest month’s monthly statements, as well as nearly half a year’s invoice;
7., the business situation is stable, the establishment of the number of years in principle, at least 2 years (inclusive), at least one or more financial statements of the financial year, and 2 consecutive years of sales growth, gross profit is positive;
5., have the ability to perform contracts and repay debts, repayment willingness is good, no bad credit records, credit asset risk classified as normal or non-financial factors affecting concerns;
8. meet established industry credit policies related to small business activities;
1., in line with the state’s industrial and industrial policies, it does not belong to small enterprises with high pollution and high energy consumption;
4, the applicant’s personal loans for nearly three months without overdue, the enterprise debt ratio of not more than 60%.
9. able to comply with national financial regulations, policies and bank regulations;

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