What are the conditions for an enterprise loan?

Application materials: business license, organization code certificate, the articles of association of the enterprise / Partnership Charter, recent corporate capital verification report, nearly half of value-added tax receipts, nearly 6 months of bank bills, nearly three years of financial statements, the company mainly sales contract, lease agreement, the main members of each company and has more than 15% companies company directors, shareholder identity card / passport, provide relevant proof of assets or mortgage.
5., the ratio of assets and liabilities to meet the requirements of enterprise loans, different lending methods of enterprise loan conditions are different, at present, the minimum enterprise annual turnover of not less than three million
4., abide by the law and discipline, according to regulations in the bank to open basic accounts and general deposit accounts;
Business loans to small and medium-sized enterprises, micro enterprises and private owners as the service object of financing loan products, usually secured and unsecured loans, financial Fengyuan million amount of unsecured business loans to help borrowers financing, the loan approval time is short, but also has the advantages of flexible payment. There are several basic conditions for an enterprise to be:
3., there is a certain amount of its own funds and products market, while production and operation need to be effective;
1. enterprises will be established for at least two years;
2., independent economic accounting, independent management, self financing, with the ability to pay interest on time;

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