What are the causes of SME loans?

Third, the management of small and medium-sized enterprises are still some non-standard place, if there are three companies account; finally the transaction costs of lending to SMEs, such as loans to large enterprises 100 million yuan, signed a contract to complete, if the loans to small businesses, you may need a few good points.
Secondly, SME loans approval difficult. Because of the small and medium-sized enterprise loan risk is relatively large, the banks in approving loans to SMEs loan demand when the requested data is relatively more comprehensive, including business license, tax registration certificate, tax certificate, verification report, financial status, the company’s articles of association, the relevant law of identity and credit status certificates, mortgage and the relevant documents etc.. Examination and approval link is very complicated, and one can not be less.
First, small and medium-sized enterprises are mostly private enterprises, because it is the responsibility system, bank staff will have some aspects of worry;
In fact, the difficulty of SME loans has always existed, but has not been resolved. So, what are the reasons for the difficulty of SME loans?
At a forum held recently, Cheng Siwei, former vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee and a noted economist, pointed out that banks should really support enterprises in order to deal well with the relationship between banks and enterprises. However, there is some truth in the fact that banks do not trust enterprises.
Secondly, SMEs have poor ability to resist risks;
The small and medium-sized enterprise decision order is a single, general major decision by the board of directors or chairman made fast and does not need to be reported to the competent authorities, under discussed and adopted by the congress. Because of this, it also increases the risk of enterprise decision-making. The risks here include not only market risk, but also compliance risk. Because of the difficulty of identifying and resolving the loan risk of SMEs, banks choose the large state-owned enterprises that can evade the responsibility as risk preferences.
First of all, before applying for a loan, the SME loan application is difficult. Although this year, the bank loans to small and medium-sized enterprises have eased, but due to the small and medium-sized enterprises lack of land and other fixed assets, relatively large enterprises are relatively weak conditions, if the credit policy contraction, the bank will first reduce loans to small and medium enterprises. In addition, raw materials, labor prices, the appreciation of the renminbi and other factors weakened the profitability of SMEs, the bank lending risk also increased accordingly, and more reluctant to lend to small businesses.
Why is it so difficult for SMEs to loan now? What’s the cause of this?
Finally, after the loan application, management is difficult. Compared to large enterprises, large projects, SME management costs higher after the loan. Because of the difficulty of marketization of loans for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is difficult to resolve any bad loans. In terms of accountability, it is difficult to implement the decision making by smes. The reasons of financing difficulty of SMEs, analysis of the causes, factors in addition to loans to small and medium-sized enterprises of high cost, small profits, there are reasons for bank loan risk identification ability to resolve thin and loan risk liability deviation.

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