Do you understand the Standard Chartered Bank?

Then what is the Standard Chartered Bank’s personal loan requirements?
5 ID card (ID card)
Warm tip: apply for Standard Chartered Bank personal loans, you should choose a reasonable amount of loans, duration, repayment methods. Borrowers in determining the loan amount, duration, repayment methods, according to their own income to determine the situation, in order to reduce the repayment pressure.
The 2 regiment office staff enjoy preferential interest rates, interest rate concessions 8 fold, the highest discount of 35% off, the current interest rate is the lowest in the market of similar products!
Standard Chartered Bank loans are picual for what use?
3 loan application procedure is simple and quick, only need to provide:
4 working income certificate and salary card, Bank of last three months
Can standard chartered banks cash in advance?
6 residence certificate (showing the address and name of the last three months, of which one month of hydro coal or credit card bills or telephone bills or broadband bills, etc.).
Standard Chartered Bank is now offering unsecured personal loans, monthly interest rate of 1.75%-2.05%. Standard Chartered Bank will provide customized rates based on different customer qualifications, the minimum monthly interest rate to 1.35%.
The answer is certainly yes, but early repayment, then pay liquidated damages, breach of contract to collect 5% of the remaining principal, and not less than 500 yuan.
1 no guarantee, no mortgage
This loan can be used for any reasonable personal or household consumption, such as marriage, decoration, travel, further education, purchase of household appliances, etc.. Prohibited for the purchase of real estate, stocks, futures, financial products and other equity investments. The loan shall be used in accordance with your application for the application of the Standard Chartered bank. Otherwise, Standard Chartered Bank has the right to announce the early resumption of the loan, and will impose a punitive interest on you.

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