Why don’t the bank bother you?

3, ICBC bad rate: 5.81%, spreads down to: 0.69%
For banks, the “intermediary business” advantage is stability, drought and flood insurance, do not worry about adverse risks. In contrast, the “loan” business is “high-risk” trading.
“Go to the bank to lend money, make people tired half dead.”!” My friend Li Gong is a mechanical designer of a central enterprises, because the house needs renovation, go to the bank to apply for loans, queuing and waiting, review, interview… Has been over half a month, Li Gong complained to me: “my condition is not bad, good credit, they can lay a man to earn spreads, sample… …”
Banks can earn spreads when they lie, is that true?
The number of banks in the increase of consumer finance business, such as the introduction of a number of interest is not low credit card loans, China Merchants Bank 2016 annual report shows that the credit card overdraft balance increased 95 billion 966 million yuan over the previous year, growth significantly.
Banks prefer “middle business””
2, agricultural bank bad rate: 4.81%, spreads down to: 1.69%
5, the bank bad rate: 5.61%, spreads down to: 0.89%
The bank’s usual mortgage interest rate: 8%
Did you see? 200 thousand of the cost of the year will be “earned” but a few thousand dollars, and this does not count labor costs, operating room rent, utilities, currency devaluation, etc., this is calculated, the bank will not be bankrupt?
Consumer finance has become a flashpoint for bank profits
BUT, it’s not surprising that making a “spread” is equivalent to a lick of blood, and a little careless will bring you in!
China Merchants Bank is trying to reduce the “spread” in profits in proportion, financial report showed that in 2015 accounted for 63.9%, to 2016 the proportion has dropped to 59.8%, and most of us know the great deviation.
One-year benchmark deposit rate: 1.5%
Let’s take the loan 200 thousand as an example of the spread:
Margin =8%-1.5%=6.5%
4, CCB bad rate: 4.47%, spreads down to: 2.03%
What’s the middle business? Services such as settlement, agency, guarantee, trust, lease, information consultation and derivative financial instruments transaction are among the intermediary businesses.
Many people think that banks earn money on interest rates (the difference between the interest rate and the interest rate).
One thing to know, in case the loan out of “money” can not be received, it has become the bank’s “bad loans.””. According to the economic report of twenty-first Century, the bad rate data of the five big banks in late 2016 showed:
For example: Alipay, WeChat wallet Niubi right, but the final settlement is still in the bank, the fingertips can easily earn a few million; a certain company funds, depository bank is also in vain, earn management fees and fees; even some banks developed financial derivatives will be advanced, all kinds of assets sale is lying earn.
In view of this, the bank’s “low interest” business is gradually being “abandoned”, instead of investing in simple intermediary business, and higher profits of consumer financial business. Therefore, the bank’s general class loan requirements are more and more strict, especially the credit investigation, can not tolerate a flaw!
Banks reduce the “spread” ratio
1, the bank bad rate: 4.36%, spreads down to: 2.14%

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