Campus loans can not afford lending institutions giant dream

Therefore, in the first few years, the first batch of crabs ate the best quality college students and tasted the sweetness. From the competitors to enter, Qili the niche market bigger, why this time no one aware of the customers “problems”? Only one explanation, that is not customer groups, if customer groups, the problem should be throughout the industry development has always been to.
The problem comes, in the bud of the industry, we are entering the industry, and the students are precisely the group. At that stage, groups of college students in higher education, is the society in the future, is the mainstay of financial institutions the best potential customer base, grasp the student population, financial institutions seem to be locked in advance of the foundation for the development of future ten years.
In July 2009, the CBRC issued “on further regulate the credit card business notice”, clearly requires banking institutions should follow the principle of prudence to the student credit card, the credit card must meet two requirements to the students, one is under 18 years of age, two is the second source of repayment party written consent shall bear corresponding responsibility for repayment, and then in the back the credit card business.
As a result, the problems of the campus loan industry are mainly caused by high non-performing loans and illegal collections caused by high quality ones. In the attribution analysis, analysis of the high side, one step one step back to the student population, impulsive consumption, conspicuous consumption, credit consciousness and so on, the students seem to be impulse makes the campus consumer finance business model into a dead end.
Recently, Chinese CBRC, the Ministry of education, Ministry of human resources and Social Security jointly issued a notice requiring agencies not approved by the banking supervision department of the ban on campus loan service, at the same time, this stage will be suspended net loan institutions to carry out the campus loan business.
Market gap – bud – boom – regulatory halt, it seems, whether it was a decade ago, or three years ago, the network lending platform, are caught in such a “cycle””. So, where is the crux and where is the way out?
What is it that makes a niche market bigger?

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