Increase knowledge! Originally, consumer credit needed these security tools!

Two, through the bank card accounts returned consumer loans, and its own overdraft function can provide consumers with consumer loans to provide a buffer, can optimize the quality of bank credit assets;
Consumer credit and credit cards are all consumer credit, but they are different. Consumer credit has the characteristics of directional and single-minded, each loan has different legal documents and procedures according to different items and services, and the procedures are more complicated. Bank card credit consumption can be determined in the bank’s credit line, determined by the consumer species, in accordance with the prescribed time after the interest rate to repay the loan can be recycled, the procedure is relatively simple.
Using bank cards as a guarantee tool for consumer credit can combine the strengths of both. This is mainly based on the following points:
Three, consumer credit using credit card as a guarantee tool
Consumer credit is the product of financial innovation, and it is a loan for natural (non legal person or organization) personal consumption purpose (non operating purpose) which has been set up by commercial banks. But at present, the biggest constraint on consumer loans is that banks are worried about personal loans and are worried about new credit risks. Therefore, to promote consumer credit, we should establish a personal credit system as soon as possible. The increasing use of bank cards can provide more personal credit files for banks, and can also be used as a guarantee tool for consumer credit.
Four is the bank card consumer loan guarantee has double means of risk control, consumer loans itself applicable “contract law”, “guarantee law”, “general loans” and other laws and regulations, ensure the security of credit funds, the use of bank cards to consumer loans generated by the investment situation, through the deduction of the cardholder deposit according to law, mortgage and pledge to guarantee compensation, can recover in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
First, the bank card issued by strict credit review, and therefore can be exempted from issuing consumer loans initial credit investigation, saving social labor;
Two, consumer credit and credit card relationship
As a payment tool of credit consumption, bank card as the guarantee tool of consumer credit, and as a tool to set up consumer credit, consumers will gradually develop the habit of using bank card for consumption. I also hope that Xiao Bian’s article can help you apply for consumer credit.
Consumer credit help many borrowers to solve as pressing danger but if you for the first time, consumer credit, may be required for the consumer credit guarantee tools also do not know, the following Xiaobian introduce for everybody.
Three is in the bank card valid period, may recycle the consumption credit to provide the guarantee, exempts the consumer credit must each guarantee notarization the trouble, simplified the procedure, thus can reduce the loan cost for the consumer;
First, consumer credit needs certain guarantee tools

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