Tourist consumption loans can be phased?

Instead of mortgages, banks have introduced a variety of consumer loans. And the Construction Bank “loan”, ICBC financial e borrowed “similar to many online personal credit products, although for flexible, fast loans, but these online unsecured unsecured credit products is the bank issued to meet certain conditions of the borrower, does not meet the requirements of users need to deposit, financial products treasury bonds and other financial assets in banks to meet certain conditions, good credit record.
Nanan Rural Commercial Bank launched long-term consumer loans series products can also meet the tourism consumption, according to the applicant to apply for their own occupation attribute, the interest rate is low, there are a variety of terms. However, the mortgage is required, and the applicant needs to have a real estate or a financial asset that meets the requirements of the bank.
In recent years, consumer finance tends to be a scene, and it is the focus of the bank to build suitable scenes of financial products. According to the China Banking Association released “2016” China bankers survey report shows that personal consumption loans for 4 consecutive years to become the most important part of the personal financial business, including personal consumer loans can according to the customer demand, by the banks of independent design products, full range to meet the needs of financial education, travel, decoration and shopping. So the banks focus on the implementation of the business.
With the improvement of living standards, people’s attention to tourism has stimulated the products of banks. Reporters from the major banks launched products found that, in addition to some banks launched special tourism loans, most of the banks are mainly consumer loans, can be used for tourism consumption.
The Industrial Bank launched the “casual Tour” comprehensive financial services program, in addition to personal travel loans, while covering the deposit certificate, the purchase, travel insurance and other financial services, the maximum loan to 300 thousand yuan of travel funds. Although there is no need to mortgage, but borrowers need to provide property ownership certificates and identity cards and other materials, if the tourists do not yet have property, to provide proof of income.

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