How to increase the amount of personal loans?

Kind, such as small series, has summed up a good set of Raiders for you, on how to raise the amount of personal loans, methods are here! Come and have a look!
Previous work has been done, the key step is to answer the audit call, this process must be treated with caution, otherwise the work not completed!
Want to improve the loan amount, the lender is best to have a stable job and a stable income, so that lenders know, you have to repay the debt or how they will ease the large amount of money in your hand?
When you apply for a consumer loan, prepare a certificate of your job. The more stable you are and the higher the salary, the more you can provide for your high quota loan. If the applicant’s credit situation is very good, the general financial institutions are willing to provide 8-10 times the amount of the applicant’s pre tax salary, equivalent to raising tens of thousands of lines!
Show quality professional identity
Most of the provisions of the bank, the borrower’s monthly total for the month can not exceed 50% of the total household income, when lenders have high debt, loan risk relatively also will reduce the borrower’s repayment ability will be questioned.
In the eyes of banks, the quality of customers can be higher than the amount of credit. And professional certification is the most important standard. If you are in state institutions, state-owned enterprises, aviation, communications and other staff, so you can not only enjoy the high amount of loans, can also get familiar low interest rates, a monthly income of 15 times the amount of the loan be nothing difficult.
The following conditions to avoid: refused to answer the phone, the attitude is not correct, words flashing, lie full, and before the entry submitted materials and so on.
When answering an audit call, the applicant must repeat the information submitted to the auditor correctly and correctly. If there is inconsistent information, it may affect the approval of the loan.
In addition to the “personal identity card to prove I am”, each person’s credit record is our economic identity, especially in time for unsecured loans, personal credit information of the applicant have a reference value, is one of the most direct reason of consumer loans, directly linked with the success and whether the loan interest rate loan.
Reduce debt ratio
Recently, the old iron men always ask in the background: “how can I raise the loan limit?” How can we increase the amount of re lending? Why didn’t my loan amount increase?
In the field of credit loans, it is difficult to obtain loans without any record of loans. In other words, if you have a loan history and a good repayment habit, the bank will think you are a very honest person. If you have overdue records, then I’m sorry.
Stable work / stable income
Some people obviously have high income, but after the bank evaluation, given the loan amount is still very low, why is this? The reason may be in your personal balance sheet! Personal debt ratio is too high, not only will affect the loan amount, and may be refused loan, so reducing the debt ratio is also an effective way to raise the loan amount.
To show good repayment record
Build a good economic identity card”
Call the audit seriously
Personal credit records are good, of course, will give you extra credit points. Like a variety of Internet credit products small credit rating points, such as sesame credit, koala credit, Tencent credit, millet credit, etc., the higher the credit score, your loan amount will be higher.
Show asset certificate
Debt assessment
No high income, you can not get a high credit loan pass? No, it isn’t。 If you have a property, a car, a stock and other high-value property, you can definitely clear off many obstacles on the loan route by showing these tools.

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