Personal credit, consumer loans related knowledge, you do?

2, there are legitimate and stable sources of income in Beijing and the ability to repay the principal and interest of loans on time.
3, quick loans.
Personal credit consumer loans, simply means that individuals with their own credit as an application conditions, the application for loans for consumption. Loans can be used in many ways, including but not limited to housing, decoration, furniture and household appliances, study abroad, academic education, tourism and other personal consumption purposes.
2, apply for easy.
The maximum duration is up to 3 years.
1, unsecured, unsecured.
1. Citizens of mainland china.
2. Proof of borrower’s income or other proof of repayment ability.
Personal consumption credit refers to the credit provided by banks or other financial institutions by means of credit, mortgage, pledge, guarantee or guarantee in the form of commodity currency to individual consumers. Personal credit consumption loans, popular point of view, is to use their good credit, do not need any collateral loans, this life in the table or universal. Do you understand the relevant knowledge about personal credit and consumption loans?
First, the definition of personal credit consumption loans
Two, personal credit consumer loan service features
Five, the period of personal credit consumption loans
Four, personal credit consumer loans should be submitted to the information
1, borrower identity documents.
Personal credit, consumer loans, “credit” has become the best pass of the loan. This reflects the importance of personal consumption, loans, and credit. So we need to know more about it and hope that the above knowledge can help you ~!
4, loan purposes proved.
Three, personal credit consumption loan application conditions
3. Proof of marital status (marriage certificate or unmarried certificate).
4, the amount is high.
3, the personal credit situation is good.

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