Personal loans, you have to know the law common sense

6 other conditions required by the lender.
After the loan, the lender shall monitor, monitor and monitor the use of the loan funds, the borrower’s credit and guarantee. Upon the consent of the lender, it may be extended according to the circumstances: for example, personal loans within one year shall not exceed the original loan period. If the lender fails to handle individual loan business, the CBRC will order the time limit to be corrected.
The terms for personal loans are as follows:
4, the borrower has the willingness to repay and repayment ability;
5, the borrower’s credit status is good, no major bad credit record;
What are the qualifications of a lender? A banking financial institution approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission within the territory of the People’s Republic of China may operate individual loan business and abide by the measures.
3, the amount of the loan application, the term and currency reasonable;
1. The borrower is a citizen of People’s Republic of China who has full capacity for civil conduct or an overseas natural person who meets the relevant provisions of the state;
Personal loans, also known as retail lending business, after decades of development, has become an important lending business. Personal loans refer to loans made by banks or other financial institutions to individuals who meet the requirements of the loan and are used for personal consumption, production and management. When a lender gives out an individual housing loan, the borrower must provide security. If the borrower fails to repay the principal and interest of the loan due to maturity, the lender shall have the right to deal with the mortgaged property or pledge in accordance with the law, or the joint liability of the guarantor for the repayment of principal and interest.. Personal loan involves some related legal knowledge, the following will be a brief. What are the common legal knowledge about personal loans?
In order to strengthen the management of personal loan business, standardize the financial market’s personal loan business and promoting the healthy development of the personal loan business, February 2010 China CBRC drafted the “Interim Measures for the administration of personal loans”. The above is what we need to know about personal loans, legal knowledge of some of the content, understanding and grasp of our future management is very good.
2, the use of loans clear and legitimate;
What is a personal loan? The lender (general commercial bank) to provide individual consumers or households, for personal consumption, production, use of foreign currency loans, and loan interest, and agreed to the debt service schedule, for the purchase of housing, consumption or investment in a small business loan. The individual loans offered by banks vary.
The loan program: the borrower submit a loan application conditions (including the lender; review the borrower’s repayment ability, credit status, guarantees, mortgage rates, risk degree); risk assessment in after approval by the signing of the contract, loans.

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