Venture loans repayment and extension procedures for the raiders!

When the maturity of the loan is fully returned, the cheque should be opened or the bank will pay the cash, and after the bank accountant has checked the date and interest, the receipt shall be filled out in three copies according to the amount of the loan. First, second by the bank account and retained by the bank, the third affixing the official seal and handling it after the return to the borrower, the bank will cover off ious seal, be given to the borrower.
Three, entrepreneurship, industry class bank loans repayment procedures
I. Introduction of bank loans for entrepreneurship and assistance
Return to business, industry loans, a one-time total return and installment of two kinds, the procedures for handling are different.
Part of the return and return all is different: one is the bank does not return two times IOU; do repay recorded in its ious; three is the only part of the land to repay the loan interest, “with the benefit of clear”; with the interest repayment time calculation, payment until all returned so far.
Venture loan refers to a person who has the ability to produce or run or has been engaged in production and operation, and applies for capital requirements for starting or re starting a business. It is a special loan issued by the bank after the effective guarantee is approved by the bank. Eligible borrowers, according to personal resources status and ability to repay the maximum single loan of 500 thousand yuan to support; to do poineering work reaches a certain size or become the star of the re employment of personnel, also put forward a higher amount of loan application.
1, one-time repayment of all loans
Loans to help the industry is engaged in legitimate production and operation of natural persons (requirements for enterprise controlling shareholder or actual controller), due to personal financial needs and apply through a bank acceptable to the bank after the effective guarantee loans. Minimum amount of 50 thousand yuan, the maximum amount of 3 million yuan. The guarantee shall be made by mortgage, pledge and guarantee, in which only third party legal person shall be guaranteed and the third party natural person shall not be guaranteed.
Two, business, industry class bank loans extension procedures
Banks and credit unions, while emphasizing the return of loans at maturity, are also allowed to extend loans to borrowers whose loans are not due due on time. In case of delay, the loan extension application shall be submitted to the bank and credit association within seven days prior to the maturity of the loan, indicating the reasons for the extension and the repayment period after the extension, and shall be handled separately after the loan officer’s examination. Belongs to the objective conditions change, such as due to natural disasters caused serious losses, or because the market situation changes so that products can not be shot, or because of other circumstances lead to the production and operation cycle is prolonged, the loan is not timely recovery, can be approved a loan extension.
Now society is full of business opportunities, which also spawned a large number of entrepreneurial crowd. Entrepreneurs generally choose entrepreneurship, industry loans to provide their own start-up capital or capital turnover. Many borrowers are very familiar with the application for bank loans, but there is not much known about the repayment. Today, in order to solve the borrower’s confusion, Xiao Bian specifically for the application for entrepreneurship, loans to help industry loans, how to apply for repayment and extension procedures.
2, part of the loan repayment

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