Do you know all the considerations for applying for a study abroad loan?

Study abroad loan has nothing to do with obtaining visa
Several secured mortgage methods for studying abroad loans
Generally speaking, there are three kinds of mortgage guarantees for studying abroad. First, mortgage: the maximum amount of the loan shall not exceed 60% of the value of the mortgaged property approved by the lender. Two pledge: the maximum amount of the loan shall not exceed 80% of the value of the pledge. Three is the credit guarantee: third parties to provide joint and several liability guarantee, if the guarantor for the bank recognized legal person, can be issued in full; if the bank approved natural person, the maximum amount of loans is not more than 200 thousand yuan rmb.
The amount and duration of the loan
The student loan amount does not exceed the overseas school admission notice or other valid proof of enrollment is specified on the registration fee, within one year of tuition, living expenses and other necessary expenses of RMB equivalent sum up to more than 500 thousand yuan, period is generally 1 to 6 years, the maximum period of not more than 6 years.
If the family conditions are not particularly good, study abroad is not to think about things, even if the result is qualified, apply for clearance, in the high cost of studying and living abroad will deter many students who carries the dream. But now it’s different. There are many channels to apply for study abroad loans. What are the precautions for applying for study abroad loans?
Requirements for studying abroad loans
Note the application study loans what is introduced so much, generally speaking, still need to have a certain economic strength can be successfully applied to, and apply to the interest repayment problems after pay attention to. Therefore, it is suggested that even if there is a loan, we should actively do part-time jobs, make investment, increase income and lighten some burdens.
The loan itself will not affect the results of the visa, because the loan can prove that the applicant has a certain asset, have certain conditions for abroad, the visa officer’s key assessment is the guarantor’s repayment ability. Therefore, the authenticity, rationality, feasibility, strong repayment ability and plan certification material are the key to the success or failure of the loan application visa.
Now apply for a student loan. Do you know what to do?
The borrower is required to provide the school’s “admission notice” or “letter of acceptance”, provide evidence of tuition fees living expenses required to attend school out of the study period, but also to provide a lender approved mortgage and pledge of assets or with compensatory ability and assume joint liability for third party borrowers, and the borrower has a certain proportion of education the desired cost.

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