Dried food! Do you know how to calculate the amount of personal loans?

If the application is the mortgage loan amount, then also by the decision factors of collateral, such as mortgage loans, the situation age small area of the large lots of good evaluation, the amount is high, can obtain the corresponding original loan amount is relatively high.
There are many kinds of personal loans, the first to talk about loans, real estate loans are now very common now the first suite of loans, personal loans loans 7, two suites loan 6, personal credit unsecured personal loan amount and the relevant person, the general is about 15 times the monthly income. Mortgage loan words, personal loan amount will be higher, in general, the mortgage assessment authority in the assessment of the price of about 7.
Three is the age, age is too small, too large, the loan amount is not too high, generally about 30-40 is relatively easy to apply to the high amount of loans, because all aspects of income in this age is relatively stable, and generally have the property name.
Two is the applicant’s credit record, the better the credit, the higher the amount of loans, in general, there has been a bad record, the loan can be applied, but the loan amount will be greatly reduced.
First, the applicant’s qualifications, qualifications better, the higher the amount of loans, lending institutions generally recognized by the quality of customers, including civil servants, teachers, the world’s top 500 enterprise employees.
Now a lot of people in the personal loans when the amount of loans are very concerned about, then the amount of personal loans in the end how much? How do you figure it out?
Of course, the amount of personal loans is influenced by many factors, in determining the amount of the loan conditions, have a great relationship and personal property, it is recommended that you usually develop a good personal habits, for example when applying for loans, a lot of high personal qualities good will than individual poor quality, we have to explain in detail the influence the amount of personal loans qualification?

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