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Choose the appropriate way of loan: in addition to the mortgage, credit, credit card, Jia Zhuang installment can also be used as an option for loan applicants. Each of the three loans has its advantages and disadvantages, and the loan applicant should also make a comprehensive choice according to his own situation. Mortgage loans, as the name suggests, require the loan applicant to take the risk of mortgage the house in order to obtain loans. As far as the quota is concerned, the maximum value of the mortgaged house can be 7 of the assessed value. The interest rate is usually not high, but the formalities are more complicated, and the funds usually need about a month or so to reach the designated position. Credit loan is mainly based on the personal credit loan applicants with good and stable repayment ability, and loans, the loan amount is usually about 10 times the loan applicant’s monthly income, interest rate is usually higher, but for faster. Credit card home improvement stages, although the operation is convenient, the rate is appropriate, but the bank will specify the decoration company, and the money required in the designated decoration company credit card consumption to use. Xiaobian tips, if you mind, please choose carefully.
1, apply for personal credit loans to decoration, unsecured unsecured credit loans, but currently on the market more than half of the credit loan products to consumers demanding, or proof of assets threshold high up, or people, industry specific VIP customers, company executives can apply, are strictly inspected for work nature, industry, income and other details.
In addition, small loan companies also have such consumer loan products, the interest rate is generally higher than the bank, but the threshold for the application is much lower.
For the urgent need for funds for housing renovation friends, decoration is also a large consumer spending, many banks have corresponding loan program. In general, the decoration loan applications mainly in these ways:
4, provident fund renovation loans, provident fund centers around the provisions are not the same, some places are allowed, some can not, the loan is not the same, this requires specific consultation with the local provident fund center;
4, housing decoration project construction contract;
4, Consumer Finance Companies loans, in addition to the traditional way of bank loans, loans to the Consumer Finance Companies is also one of the ways to choose.
2, personal consumption loans decoration loans, consumer loans here refers to the holder of mortgage loans, that is to use real estate mortgage, apply for consumer loans. As a number of banks to carry out this business, so consumers face relatively large choice.
2, bank consumer loans, refers to the holder of mortgage loans, that is to use real estate mortgage, apply for consumer loans;
3, credit card Jiezhuang stage, some banks in order to better meet consumer demand Jiezhuang stage, launched a credit card installment Jiezhuang business, for the population living in large and medium-sized city, just buy a new house, no money decoration, good credit records who. General limit of 100 thousand -20 million, the highest amount of individual products, the amount of 500 thousand.
However, the above interest rate for the benchmark interest rate, in the actual processing, the bank will be based on the borrower’s comprehensive qualifications given a certain floating interest rates, the specific needs of the actual processing shall prevail. As a result of the region and the bank situation, the decoration loan interest rates will vary.
Provision of decoration contracts or agreements, banks in order to ensure that the loan applicant for the loan funds have been earmarked, requiring loan applicants in the application for loans must be provided decoration contract or agreement. To maintain good repayment habits, the loan applicant should keep in mind the repayment time after obtaining the loan, and pay the repayment in full and on time, so as to avoid leaving a credit stain on the credit report.
6, the Guarantor agrees to provide written documents of guarantee and the credit certificate of the guarantor.

What are the types of decoration loans?:
Decoration loan interest?:
1, apply for personal credit to decorate;
How to apply for decoration loan?:
5, Consumer Finance Companies and some Internet decoration loans for financial institutions to apply for, decoration stage in the moment is also very market, therefore, such institutions are also many, you can do more carefully selected.
5, if it is a mortgage, you need to have a mortgage property certificate, quality list, and have the right to dispose of collateral or collateral pledge documents and collateral valuation report;
3, the economic income proved by the unit;
3, credit card home improvement installment;
Home improvement loans, also known as decoration loans, refers to the bank or Consumer Finance Companies launched, the family housing decoration for the purpose of personal credit loans, unsecured credit loans.
1. Original and photocopy of legal identity document (resident identity card, residence booklet or other valid residence certificate);
1, apply for bank personal credit to decorate, for the bank’s high-quality customers, personal credit loan application relative to other financial institutions credit loan is still very cost-effective;
3, credit card home improvement installment, each bank’s Credit Card Center will be aimed at this kind of consumption to launch the stage;
Prepare the application materials in advance: before the application for loans, materials prepared in advance can save a lot of time, and thus relatively fast access to loans. Common application materials include decoration contracts or agreements, income certificates, work certificates, residence certificates, personal valid documents, and other application materials required by the bank.
2, personal consumption loans decoration loan. Consumer loans here are mortgage cards, that is, real estate mortgage applications for consumer loans. ;
Bank decoration loan products, their interest rates are generally floating on the basis of the central bank benchmark interest rates, usually floating, floating about 10%-50% ratio. The benchmark interest rate for bank decoration loans is shown in the following table: the loan term is annual interest rate less than one year (including one year), 4.35% to five years (including five years), 4.75%, five years or more, 4.90%.
Bank loans for individual housing renovation loans in line with the principle of not more than 150 thousand yuan, while not more than 50% of the total renovation costs. Home improvement loans currently have two types of loans and a credit card installment form can be applied, as follows:
Meaning of decoration loan:
What are the decoration loan notes?
Information submitted by loan applicant when applying for decoration loan:
2, the applicant has the name of housing property certificate or housing use rights certificate;

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