How should I apply for personal consumption loans?

4, according to the policy points, the loan is divided into policy consumption loans and non policy consumer loans;
2, according to the time points, the loan is divided into the recent consumer loans and long-term consumer loans two;
3, in accordance with the mortgage approach, the loan is divided into mortgage consumer loans and non mortgage consumer loans;
Consumer loans can be divided into several kinds according to different standards:
There are different types of consumer loans, and for each person, which kind of loan is the most cost-effective, which requires specific analysis, can not be generalized.
A concept now more we hear is the consumer finance, financial Jingdong after Ali, millet also announced today, from the consumer finance, first invested 600 million, refers to the online consumer when a consumer loans. How should I apply for personal consumption loans?
How should I apply for personal consumption loans?
If it is an investment loan, the annual interest rate is generally expected to match its expected profit margin, not too high, and the time is as close as possible to the profit return period. In addition, we should consider our environment and social relations. At present, the state has preferential policies for laid-off workers and high-tech projects, and the procedures for repaying loans and the procedures for applying for loans are relatively loose.
For individual borrowers, the most cost-effective loans are naturally low expected annual interest rates, long-term loans, and flexible repayment methods. However, in most cases, the lender can not get such a good condition, it needs to start from their own reality, the overall plan to find the most suitable for their types of loans.
5, according to repayment methods, the loan is divided into installment consumer loans and one-time payment of consumer loans;
Consumer loans also make consumer loans, mainly refers to the overseas loans, housing decoration, car purchases of durable goods and other aspects of personal loans, consumer loans from the types, including residential mortgages, non residential housing loans and credit card loans?. The utility model has the characteristics of extensive consumption, high loan amount, long loan period, etc..
If it is a consumer loan, it must be used for the necessary consumption, such as marriage to buy housing and some durable consumer goods, children to university, need money and so on. At the same time, and can not exceed their own ability, so as not to repay the loan on time, it is best not to affect their normal life. Of course, each person has his own specific circumstances and should not be generalized. From their own actual situation, you can also consult other people’s views as a reference.
1, according to the expected annualized interest rate, the loan is divided into high expected annual interest rates, consumer loans and low expected annual interest rate consumer loans.

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