Two or three things about borrowing, investing, buying a house

Now a lot of people buying the first suite to buy second sets of third sets, and even some are bought abroad, a lot of people is to buy a house as an investment to do, a lot of people are borrowing housing investment, then the loan investment houses need to pay attention to what issues?
Now everywhere in the real estate, the government has made some restriction policy, so in the purchase of the policy in different places are different, when borrowing the investment to buy a house must pay attention to, to buy a house in accordance with the regulations, not to buy a fake divorce what, really do not care will lead to really a divorce, but also a great blow to their lives.
Now a lot of people to buy a house with a lot of debt, or even a month wages may be just enough mortgage, then living on other expenses is to save more in savings, burdened with the huge psychological pressure of the mortgage, and this is not desirable, which join your work day fluctuations, your loan will not return, also lost his life.
Borrowing is a way of investment houses although many people choose to invest, but it is recommended that you go to a rational point, borrowing and investing in the controllable range, of course, uses a lot of loans are provided, even if you are not thinking about lending Shoufu, raise Shoufu, and this is not desirable, you borrow the funds can not be used for investment and gambling behavior, and even if you get, you still have to both sides of principal interest, now what loan interest rates are not cheap, sometimes a reckoning down is not necessarily cost-effective, and you do not have a monthly income of one hundred thousand, on the back of such a big debt you don’t a bear.
2, borrowing should comply with state regulations
1 do not exceed your financial ability to borrow
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