Internet consumer finance, consumer scene endless

The development of consumer finance has also brought convenience to consumers. With the change of consumption concept, the idea of “spending ahead of time” has been widely accepted. It has become the choice of many people to spend tomorrow’s money to do today.
At present, consumer finance can be said to be a new blue ocean in the Internet financial sector, the theme is increasingly rich, consumer scene endless, and the prospects for development are optimistic about the industry.
This year, more and more Internet Co began to get involved in consumer finance, we can see that this year more and more Internet Co began to get involved in consumer finance, tourism is where the fun tour treasure, the way cattle tuniu gold suit, donkey donkey mother travel treasure, Shoufu tours; real estate category are treasure, SouFun real estate finance the home, stage; car class car home, easy car network etc..
For example, a consumer for two years in a business platform to buy a mobile phone, the traditional concept of consumption and disposable income to buy this mobile phone can completely cover the price, now the platform launched payment of financial services, I can spend the next 12 months the average disposable income per month to advance out the payment, which greatly promoted the consumer desire to buy. The volume of transactions on this platform will be greatly improved, and so on this platform, members have become potential customers of the financial products.
Unlike traditional consumer finance, Internet consumer finance is more open to consumers, mostly unsecured, unsecured consumer credit. The main Internet consumer financial market increasingly rich, there are all kinds of C terminal entrance Internet platform, payment Clearing Corp, express logistics, capital of commercial banks, including the traditional end of P2P, small loan companies, in the main coverage is very wide.
2016 is the year of the outbreak of consumer finance, from the Internet giant to emerging Internet Co are force layout consumer finance. The core attraction of Internet consumer finance is that it has a direct driving role for the platform side’s own business, greatly enhancing the user stickiness of the platform.

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