What’s the difference between a credit card installment and a small loan model?

The minimum period of bank loans is up to three years.
The amount of credit card installment is mainly the amount of credit granted by the issuing card to the cardholder. Generally speaking, the amount of credit card installment is between several thousand and tens of thousands.
Credit card installment payment, if the cardholder pays within the time specified by the issuing bank, you can enjoy certain interest free benefits. However, if the credit card is staged, the cardholder will have to pay the fee for each instalment. If the cardholder is a credit card, then the bank will pay interest on the day, and will receive a certain amount of cash withdrawal fees.
The maximum length of credit card installment is only two years.
The amount of small loans is more than 1000 yuan to 200 thousand, and the amount of loans is mainly determined by the borrower’s personal qualifications.
The amount of the loan varies
Lending rates vary
The scope of the loan is different
Credit card installments as long as the cardholder is not malicious cash, and for consumer use, there is no excessive restrictions, but it should be noted that credit card staging is not used for investment.
Credit card payment now more, there are all kinds of consumer finance, if more consumer demand for small loans can temporarily meet consumer demand, then the credit card installment loan pattern and what is different?
Whether it’s a credit card installment or a small bank loan, borrowers need to pay on time, avoiding overdue credit records and affecting their future loan applications.
The loan term is different
Bank micro loan is mainly based on personal or family business loans.

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