Apart from our ID card, how can we do a small loan?

1, living proof materials, is now in residence for nearly two months of water and electricity invoices, their homes need to provide property permits, housing is rental, the need to provide housing rental contracts;
Can I have a small loan with my ID card only?
Can I have a small loan with my ID card only? The answer is, no!
The first thing to make clear is that if you have only one ID card, no work and no income, you will not be able to obtain funds from regular lending institutions.
When applying for a small loan by means of a credit loan, you also need the following three materials except for your ID card:
Formal lending institutions take into account the risk of controlling loans when granting loans. And relying on an identity card alone is not able to control the risk of loans. In general, the application for non mortgage loans, in addition to the need for personal identification card, you also need to provide proof of the applicant’s work, income, living proof and other aspects of asset credit.
In fact, the current market of personal identification cards, small loans generally include two:
Small loans are based on personal or business as the core of comprehensive consumer loans, the amount of loans is generally more than 1000 yuan, less than 200 thousand yuan. Well, only ID cards can be small loans? Recommended reading: home mortgage, which bank is good?
The first personal identity card is actually a small loan unsecured credit loans, although did not require collateral, but for the proof of unsecured loans need far more than the identity card, also need to provide proof of income, proof of residence, proof of a series of materials, and the ID card is only a necessary condition, this are generally on the website of a gimmick.

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