Small loan overdue does not matter? You probably haven’t heard of the Internet loan blacklist!

How to solve the problem of not passing audit:
Some small loan applications for users, there are many mobile phone gambling, betting APP, the risk control that you do not have the ability to repay, and therefore will refuse to lend.
In many small partners it seems that small loans do not go to the credit, even if overdue, it does not matter. Is that really the case? Of course not! Small loans, although not on the credit, but also in the third party credit information to leave a record, if we are overdue, it is likely to be included in the net loan blacklist! See here, some people do not understand: what is the net loan blacklist? Now, Xiao Bian will come for everyone to science.
Sixth: contacts must fill in their own call records, often appear, do not fill in often do not call the contact
Seventh: stop line a month, equivalent to reduce shield!
You may not want to Piandai, but the data according to your industry interpretation of this trend, such as data fraud, mobile phone number is not the real name authentication or use a short time in 3 months, may be considered as high loan risk coefficient.
Of course, the net loan blacklist is not without solution, as long as you maintain good credit habits, according to demand loans, repayment on time, reasonable access to the Internet can be. Even if it is not on the credit of small loans, please remain a awe bound heart!
With shield points higher than sixty, most seconds refused or manual rejection!
A net loan overdue, the cooperation of the third party credit information platform will leave your stain, you follow in other net loan application, a great probability will be rejected all.
Long loan
Net loan blacklist is what ghost?
In short, once the loan is overdue, it is easy to be blacklisted, affecting our future lending behavior, do not want to take the risk of small partners, but do not arbitrarily overdue Oh ~!
Small loans overdue
Why online loan blacklist?
Have Piandai intention
Second: query their SMS or APP on the phone, is not related to net loan APP or net loan company data too much?! Delete recommended!
The same borrower on a number of small APP apply for micro credit loans, may be blacklisted, the risk control shows you overdue high-risk, and thus refused to lend.
Score Description: with shield points less than forty points, the general system seconds batch, with shield points higher than forty, less than sixty, with the proposed small loan company manual intervention audit, so sometimes apply for small loan approval will be a long time,
Fifth: fill in the unit to go to Baidu search myself near the big company, dedicated to fill in the big company name, don’t write!
Description: at present, most of the small loan approval is the use of risk control system approval, not artificial approval, so we apply for small loans, many will be seconds, seconds, seconds, refused!
Most of the net loan blacklist based on large data from the wind control, and your Internet usage habits have a great relationship, specifically, there are several reasons:
Have a bad habit
Net loan blacklist refers to the net loan overdue data net loan overdue data platform, the difference between the credit blacklist is that the collection is basically not on the credit of small loans.
Fourth: in addition to support a standby mobile phone number, a few months after the special line for net loan!
Do not think that credit information on the small loans can be arbitrary overdue, you will be added a penalty interest, and secondly, after many overdue, blacklisted, other loans will be refused.
Third: nearly a month or three months to apply for small loan amount is too much, it is suggested that some of the small loans can not apply, contact small credit customers, cancellation of accounts!
First: their landing, mobile or Unicom client to see their own call records, is not a small number of telephone calls company?!

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