Net lending platform into campus Loans – the timing is very important

According to the “Interim Measures for the management of business activities of information lending intermediary organizations”, the twelfth fifth paragraph stipulates that borrowers must ensure that they have the ability to repay loans in line with the loan. The main work of college students is learning, its basically no repayment ability, and their legal risks involved in net loan is also don’t understand, according to the survey, twenty thousand college students in the survey sample for “you understand campus loan related financial and legal risks?”, only 15% of respondents said very well, about 85% of the students surveyed related legal risk to the loan “do not understand the campus”. Therefore, the net loan platform into the campus loan market in the future, on the one hand need to meet the national requirements of legal compliance, on the other hand, we must adhere to the standards and certain moral principles of risk control.
In June 16th, the CBRC, the Ministry of education, Ministry of human resources and Social Security jointly issued “on the further strengthening of the campus loan management work notice”, clear requirements will be suspended net loan institutions to carry out college students net loan business. Public opinion, in fact, the campus loan without sin, the lack of law, management, supervision, is the crux of the problem, the campus is not standardized loan arch-criminal harm the.
The net loan platform to enter the campus market in the current Internet banking no ground for blame, but has not yet reached the regulatory requirements of the situation, some platforms quickly enter the market, not the time, somewhat be inopportune or inappropriate.” Andy Xie Tian said the financial CEO, determine the market demand, not in traditional financial coverage, Internet banking are useless, but the premise is to comply with national regulatory requirements, so as to not fall and later appeared in a bad situation, was forced by the government to exit the embarrassing situation.
Net loan into the campus, you have heard of it?
According to the Ministry of education data show that the number of Chinese college students have 3 more than ten million, from the data perspective, this vast market space. However, compared with the ordinary college students personally, there are still some particularity, they basically have no formal work, the economy is the source of family based support, and without any collateral for loans. Therefore, from the perspective of risk control, they belong to a larger group of default probability, is not suitable for unsecured personal credit loans. Precisely because of this, there has been a net loan platform, in order to prevent loans can not be accepted, it has taken the “naked strip”, which violates social order and good morals of the lending methods.
At present, China’s Internet banking industry in the rectification and compliance period, in addition to the platform to achieve banking depository outside, but also need to achieve financial filing and IPC operating permits and other compliance requirements. The government is so strict rectification of the whole industry, because this industry there is a lot of chaos, such as self financing, capital pool, run away and frequent failures, not only a serious impact on the Internet financial industry’s own image, but also to a lot of investment caused a huge loss. In the net loan industry’s own legal compliance is still lacking, there is a platform to enter the campus from the loan to inexperience, lack of judgment and independent source of income for students who earn income, this approach is not worthy of emulation, especially under the banner of “zero Shoufu” zero interest, low threshold, low cost induced marketing.

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