Do you know how good it is to spend your installment loans?

Nowadays, the installment loan consumption has been one of the consumption patterns of many people. Buying a house, buying a car and mortgage loans are all a kind of installment loan consumption. Then what are the benefits of installment loans? Why apply for installment loan consumption?
Some people think that without credit, without credit cards, they are the best credit records. In fact, this is wrong. If you don’t have a loan or credit card record in the bank, then the bank loses a convenient way to quickly judge your personal credit status. The best way to create a personal credit record in a bank is to make a loan, and staging consumption is one of the loans.
1, to deal with product depreciation and devaluation
Loan consumption, I believe we are not unfamiliar, but it has many advantages, are you really clear?
In shopping, choose to spend in installments, and insist on repayment on time, you can form a good personal history credit record. This will not only make it easier to get more bank loans, but also have the opportunity to get higher quotas. In addition, a good credit record is good for a job and a job search.
3, first enjoy the resources, seize the opportunity
4, installment reasonable financial management
2, accumulate credit wealth
The CPI in the last two years is probably around 10%, that is to say, inflation is going up by 10% a year. Then, in 2015, 100 yuan would be worth only 90 yuan by 2016. That being the case, why don’t you pay 100 dollars today in installments instead of only 90 yuan in the future?
What makes your hard-earned money evaporate by 2000 dollars? The answer is inflation and depreciation!
If you need to spend 5000 yuan to buy a iPhone7, then, according to the new mobile phone depreciation 40% a year, after a year, your original 5000 yuan, in fact, only 3000 yuan.
Now do not have enough money to buy the product, we must wait until the amount saved up enough to buy, it will miss a lot of good things. If you choose a staged consumption service, you can buy, buy, buy and enjoy the good life ahead of time.
Choosing a staged consumption can help you retain sufficient cash flow. After the installment purchase of their love products, can also use the money to do some financial investment, maintain asset value, such as the successful purchase of products, but also continue to maintain asset appreciation, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

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