Do you know the requirements for small loans?

2, having the right occupation and stable economic income, and have the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan on time;
1, first of all, must have personal identity documents, provide an account book, and have full capacity for civil conduct;
1. Citizens of China who have fixed residences, or have permanent residence permits in local towns (or valid residence certificates), or have a fixed place of business and have full civil capacity;
3, no bad credit record, loan purposes can not be used for stocks, gambling and other acts.
5, other requirements of the lending institutions.
What materials do you need to prepare for personal micro loans?
2, with a stable career, good income, if the bank through the accounts of the way to receive wages, but also need to submit the recent wage card flow proof;
4, have a fixed account for the loan bank;
3. The unmarried person submits the unmarried certificate, the spouse submits the spouse and the family member’s related material;
Generally speaking, as the amount of micro credit is not very high, the application is relatively easy, but it does not mean that the micro loan is not required. Well, what are the requirements for microcredit?

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