How can the rural credit cooperatives handle small loans?

2, approved farmers credit lines. According to the credit rating results of farmers, the demand for funds of farmers and the application of the credit limit, the corresponding credit rating is approved by the rural credit cooperatives.
Rural credit loan refers to the natural or legal persons in need of funds, made according to the prescribed conditions and procedures from the rural credit cooperatives, and the agreed amount, duration and interest rates, due to return the principal and interest of the loan behavior. Then, how can the rural credit cooperatives handle small loans?
3, the issuance of loan certificates. To households as a unit, one household one card.
6, repayment on schedule. The borrower agrees to repay the principal and interest of the loan in accordance with the loan contract.
3, a good credit record, no malicious arrears, evasion of bank debts, willing to accept the supervision of bank credit;
What are the requirements for handling small loans in rural credit cooperatives?
5, with the ability to work in farming, breeding, production or services for agricultural production, basic skills and necessary facilities;
4, loan applications. When a farmer applies for a loan, he may apply for a loan within the credit limit with a farmer’s loan certificate and a valid identity card (or residence booklet).
4. Open a personal settlement account at the bank and agree to deduct the principal and interest of the loan from the personal settlement account designated by the bank;
1, farmer credit rating. Mainly based on the basic situation of farmers, assets and liabilities, production and operation, reputation and other indicators for assessment. The credit rating of farmers is divided into three grades: good, good and general.
Rural credit cooperatives will have small credit loans for farmers, loans in the form of credit loans, the loan amount is usually lower, the general amount of control within 5 – 100 thousand yuan, the specific amount varies. The following requirements are required:
2, the borrower family harmony, income stability, with the ability to repay the debt on time;
5, loan issuance. The rural credit cooperatives of farmers received a loan application, credit from the counter staff (or cabinet personnel) review after the signing of the contract, the borrower IOU fill in, the farmers can according to the provisions of the loan disbursement.
1, have fixed residence, have local permanent residence account and valid residence identity certificate;
6, other conditions prescribed by the local rural credit cooperatives

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