The credit card application was turned down? You can get the money from these channels, too!

Users in the consumption, you can advance the amount spent by the ants, in the next 10 months after receipt of the receipt of repayment, interest free period of up to 41 days. In addition to “this month to buy, next month, super long interest free” consumer experience, “ant flower Bai” also launched a “flower Bai” staging function, consumers can be divided into 3, 6, 9, 12 months repayment. A lot of qualified staging is free of charge.
In addition, Jingdong ious can be used ious joint credit card repayment, which is the welfare of IOUS card ah, because you Jingdong ious one month interest free period, plus credit card interest free period, the longest can be 80 days?. However, this article is a recommendation for users who do not have credit cards.
Jingdong ious
Ant flower
“Ant flower” is an article of consumer credit products introduced by the ants. After the application is opened, it will get the consumption quota of 500-50000 yuan. Users in the consumption, you can advance the amount of money spent by the ants, enjoy the “first consumption, after payment” shopping experience. The ant flower chant has been out of the Ali electricity supplier platform, a total of more than 40 external consumer access platform: most of the electricity supplier shopping platform, such as Amazon, Suning; local life service website, such as word of mouth, the U.S. group, the public comment; the mainstream of 3C official mall, such as the music, millet, Haier, OPPO and other official mall as well as overseas shopping website.
No credit card to borrow money in time can also go to the small free mortgage loans, small loans are facing a personal and family business loans, the Microfinance in 1000 yuan to 200 thousand yuan, focus on a number of small enterprises, can solve the liquidity problem of small enterprises, but also private lending before the integration of what has become the standard rises.
With flowers, but also timely repayment, otherwise it will be punitive interest, overdue repayment is also affecting the credit.
Since then, the “white” also opened the Jingdong within the system of O2O (Jingdong home), the global purchase, the product of all the chips, then gradually covering housing, education, tourism, decoration, wedding and other fields, from the credit service to provide consumer credit loans, cover more consumption scenarios, providing consumer credit services to more consumers.
Under such circumstances the ant take credit card and chant basic form of the same, but may be the longest interest free period without a credit card, but no credit card can choose to spend it well, we also have a credit card sometimes in order to improve the credit may use the sesame flowers chant. In many cases, you pay for it by installment, or with no commission or interest. This installment is better than a credit card.
If not staging, Jingdong ious can be delayed payment after 30 days, will not generate rates. Staging service can be divided into 3 phases, 6, 12 and 24 phases. The rate standard is 0.5%-1.2%, the penalty fee is 0.05%/ days. Through mobile phones, Jingdong financial PC and client, Jingdong wallet client, etc. repayment.
Small loan
Now there are many small loans, small books are not listed one by one, I hope this article can help you oh ~!
Now those without credit cards are not many, but there are still a lot of people for some reason or no credit card, such as accidentally overdue loans have not been over 5 years, can apply for a credit card, and left on the work of the graduates, do not pay social insurance couldn’t apply for credit card group. Anyway, there are a lot of people do not apply to credit card, then Xiaobian today to take stock of what we can have no credit card overdraft funds to use those channels.
Jingdong IOUS is the Jingdong launched a similar credit card like a consumer after the first payment, make a payment when using ious shopping website of Jingdong, can enjoy the longest 30 days delayed payment period or the longest period of 24 installments, is the industry’s first Internet consumer financial products. Of course, you must apply for the amount of IOUS in the Jingdong account, the system will be based on your account number of Jingdong granted a certain interest free amount. At present, my Jingdong ious amount is 8895 yuan.

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