Which is the strongest bank micro loan?

4, address proof, housing rental contracts, utilities bills, property management and other related certificates;
2. Work certificate;
6. Other conditions required by the bank.
4, no bad credit record;
5, auxiliary information: for example, property permits, undergraduate education certificate, and so on;
Generally speaking, banks have their own small loan products, products of different bank loan application threshold is not the same, the loan interest rate is not the same, therefore, cannot say which banks, only themselves to choose for their own products.
2. Have a permanent residence or valid residence permit in this area;
1, between 20-60 years of age (different banks require different), with full capacity for civil conduct;
3, through the bank’s investigation, approval, and signed a loan contract with the bank.
5, the legitimate use of loans;
4, bank loans, lenders successfully obtain loans.
You will need to meet these requirements to apply for a small amount of commercial bank loans:
3, income proof, bank flow sheet, labor contract and so on;
1. The borrower applies to the bank outlets where small loans are established. In the application, the borrower must bring identity cards and other relevant information, if it is a merchant, also need to bring a business license.
2, the bank received the application of lenders, lenders investigated. Banks mainly examine the borrower’s personal credit situation and personal income status and other related content to determine whether the loan will be made.
In short, microfinance is the loan amount of less than 200 thousand of the loan products, and now many banks have small loan products. Then, which bank is good for small loans?
Materials required for bank microfinance:
Bank small loan procedure:
1, identity, identity cards, residence permit, residence booklet, marriage certificate and so on;
3, with stable work and income, with the ability to repay in full and on time;
So, or see your own choice!

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